Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OOTD, well OOTWeek

Hey ladies!  Stacked up the outfits a bit this week trying to get my fitting room reviews done, so thought I'd share a few at once!

First outfit is what I worse shopping with the hubs Sunday.  This is typical shopping attire for me.  Skinnies, a top I love, and a favorite pair of shoes to trek around in!
Anthro Drapey Bubble Tee
American Eagle Skinnies
Seychelles Gypsy Sandals

Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Anthro, and Stella and Dot

Here's what I wore to work one day this week.  This too is typical work wear for me.  A pencil skirt, top, heels, and some kind of necklace to brighten it up.  I had originally paired a white top with this to play it safe, but changed it up last minute before walking out the door.  Quite an unexpected color combo for me, but I felt so bright and cheery all day long.

Anthro Starred Entry Tee
San Pedro Pencil Skirt
Fruit Cooler Necklace
Steve Madden Peep Toe Pumps

Here's what I wore to work today.  I worked last night til almost 9pm... that would make it a ridiculously insane 14 hour day.  Am I crazy?  Yes, probably.  Anyway, I woke up feeling exhausted and SO not in the mood to dress up.  I knew I'd need something comfy and whimsical to keep my spirits up today and I have to say I was SO pleased with this outfit!  I paired two pieces I normally would have never thought to put together, but figured... why not?!

Anthro Printed Boy Tee, Sailboats
Shifting Buttons Skirt
Looping Lanes Belt
Seychelles Gypsy Sandals

So yay! We've caught up!  Hope you all are having a beautiful, stress-free week :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews: Part Two

And on to Part Two of my Sunday afternoon Fitting Room Reviews.... 
Pilcro Stet Slim Straight
Style No.  B22527774
I can't even tell you how much I wanted to love these Pilcro jeans.  I saw them appear online and was SO completely excited to get to Anthro to try them on.  I have been 'jonesing' (are you digging the old school terminology?!) for a pair of colored skinny's for fall and these looked fantastic... especially given the price point.  Seemed so incredible compared to my beloved A.G. Stevies which are practically twice the price.  Anyway, on to the review.  First of all, the website labels these as Pink, but they are definitely more of a Rust color... perfect for fall might I add.  Unfortunately I was so disappointed.  I tried on my regular 25.  To say that I was swimming in them would be a vast understatement.  I tried to show the crazy amount of extra inches in the waistline in the picture below, but unfortunately I think the picture is too far away to really tell.  Perhaps it's because I don't have the full-sized rear I've always secretely wanted (think towards the line of one Kim Kardashian rather than Kim from Array of Anthro.  Room in the front, room in the rear, room in the legs.  If you all are able to find a pair that fits, I am truly jealous as they are lovely.  Size down, unless you have been gifted with some serious junk in that trunk.....

With Ease Wide-Legs
Style No. 21210661
Oh, I loved the idea of these wide legged, flowy pants.  The beautiful cream color, the crisp linen feel, the elastic wasteband that seems so elusive and is such a welcomed treat.  Unfortunately, the sheer width of these seemed to eat me alive.  They are LOVELY.  Give them a shot, and please please send me pictures if you've found that they surprise you and look wonderful!  True to size in the waist and length.

Pilcro Superscript Cords
Style No. C22514335
Grabbed these as I have been desperate to jump on the cords bbandwagon, as well as give the extreme flare thrownback shape a shot.  These Pilco's were WONDERFUL.  Maybe it was the deep rust color, maybe it was the sweet little pocket details on the front.  Perhaps it was the fact that I found a pair of pants that FITS MY HINEY!! (See below, it's true... they don't hang off me!)  Wearing a size 0, so I would say TTS, though you may need to size up if you've got a little goin' on behind.  They're stretchy so I think you'll be safe!  I absolutely loved these.  My husband, on the other hand, wasn't completely won over.  I'm not sure if he is ready to truly re-embrace the 70's and the bell bottoms that inevitably have followed.  What are your thoughts?!  Yes or No?

Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt
Style No. 22806582
Twisted Ascot Tee
Style No. 21385729
What can I saw about the Twisted Ascot Tee that hasn't already been said in the blogging community?  It is lovely, it is unique, and I loved it.  Wearing an xs here, so definitely TTS.  The only thing I will add, is the 'Beige' is definitely more of a golden color.  Beware of those online colors sometimes!  Love the color in store even more.... Definitely recommend!

I also loved the idea of the the Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt. The structure, the lines, the buttons were all simply lovely.  The fit was WAY off unfortunately.  I went with my regular size here, and had at least 3-4 inches of excess waist room.  Certainly can't afford buying at full price just to have a serious alteration.  I may keep my eye out in a couple months come sale time, though.  I do recommend trying on... there are endless outfit possibilities with this pretty little number!

Interspersed Ponte Dress
Style No. 21329024

Oh how unexpected this dress was for me.  The lace detail on the shoulders and back was what led me to pick it up, though I truly wasn't expecting anything exceptional.  Perhaps it's not.  But I loved it.  It's very difficult to see in the pictures, but this dress has the most incredible seams and structure to it.  I felt like it hit my body in all the right places, and flowed away from my hips in the way that makes you feel so utterly feminine.  This is an xs, so definitely go with your regular size on this.  I can't actually tell what color this is based on the online colorways.  I would guess it was the plum, as it seemed a very rich purple in person (though the plum shot online looks so light!)

Printed Boy Tee, Stripes
Style No. 20858122
Purple Motif
Now $19.95
 AND finally got my hands on this number.  Such an easy, versatile tee.  TTS and great for casual dress with jeans or shorts, or even for a bit of pattern mixing with skirts in your closet!

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews: Part One

Hey ladies!  Husband and I made a trip to Anthro Sunday afternoon so I could finally take a look at some of the beautiful new Fall items.  Wanted to get some reviews for you!  Sorry about the lighting... took a few times for the hubs to get the swing of things ;)

Leafy Crossing Tee
Style No. 21389473
Dark Orange

First up is the Leafy Crossing Tee.  This shirt comes in the dark orange and a cream color.  The color hue of this orange is the epitome of fall for me.  I actually really loved this top.  Soft and drapey with a few special details. The diagonal stripe down the front is a great detail to keep this out of the standard tee category, as are three buttons on the back down from the neckline.  Wearing an xs here, so definitely true to size.  I did walk out without this shirt, but will surely be going back for it come the first signs of colder weather!

Unknown Odonate Epiprocta Tee
Style No. 21214150

How do I know all that info about a top that I'm unable to find details for online? Oh yes, it's because it came home with me, and I'm currently looking at the tag.  As soon as I see this appear, or if one of you see it online and I'm crazy, I'll update the link.  So, imagine your best fitting tee.  The one that you feels hugs your body in all the right places, and is as soft as can be.  This is that top.  But, they went the extra mile here and have the best lace like details on the sleeve, stepping it up a notch and making it more than just your favorite old tee.   This is an xs, so definitely go with your normal size here.  Can't wait to pair this with a number of different pencil skirts for work, and hopefully a pair of colored skinny cords on my wish list soon!

Nepal Jacket
Style No. 20399937

Though this isn't something I would generally find myself reaching for, I thought it was a cute idea for a casual jacket, so I wanted to give it a try.  The structure of the jacket is nice.  Cute little button details and a tie on the front (not my favorite.... probably would have preferred it without).  Loved the back synch that helped to structure the overall look.  I tried it on in a 0 and still had massive amounts of room (tried to show this in the last picture) so I would strongly recommend sizing down.  Not my favorite, but if you can find the one that fits you, it looks to be a cute option.

Hip Cinched Blouse
Style No. 21375035

This one has been reviewed a few times around the community, so I wanted to try it for myself.  Oh, I so wanted to love this top.  A silky polka dotted blouse with a great cinched bow detail? Sounded perfect to be.  It's a beauty in person, but I just found myself sized out.  This is a 0, and as a person with minimal amount of activity going on up top, it just seemed like too much fabric for me.  A bit overwhelming on my figure.  I do urge you all to give it a try for yourselves.  Hopefully you'll be surprised!

Part Two coming up soon!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Disqus help

I am in desperate need of help, ladies.  My husband and I have tried everything we can think of, have searched everything we can think of, yet we are coming up with no solution that makes a difference.   So many of my favorite blogs have moved to Disqus as their commenting tool, yet I find that no matter what computer I am on, I am unable to leave a comment and have it show!  Seriously, this is the most frustrating thing in the world, as I so want to leave my love to the other ladies on their blog posts, but Disqus has just decided that it doesn't want to let me.

I try leaving comments as a guest.  No luck.  I try leaving comments thru my facebook login.  No luck.  Through open ID, no luck.  Have even tried signing in to a Disqus account to leave my comment.  As I press post in all of these cases, my words will appear.  When I refresh the page to look again, my comment is gone.  

I have emailed Disqus Customer Service and received this response:
Hi Kim,

Thank you for the report, we’re currently making some tweaks to our new spam filters to ensure that legitimate comments don’t get filtered out. If you’re a moderator of the site in question, check the spam filter frequently and make sure you either approve or delete the legitimate comments. While it’s good practice normally, you should see less incidents in the coming week.

If you’re a commenter on the site, you may notice that your comments “disappear”. While we’re making this process more transparent, just be sure to contact the website directly to find your comments. Don’t re-paste the same comment again, as this can make the problem worse -- they’re technically in the system already.

Apologies for any hassle/confusion.

Have any of you experienced the same thing? Have you found a solution?  All I can hope at this point is one of you beautiful ladies is able to come to my rescue with the solution, or that Disqus gets it's act together QUICKLY.


Array of Frustration

Thursday, August 25, 2011

minty fresh

Hi ladies and happy almost weekend to you all!  Again, I don't have camera-pretty pictures, but wanted to share my outfit as I was so happy with the result (even if they're just bathroom pictures!!)

This outfit was completely, 100% inspired by Kristina J.  This is truly one of my absolutely favorite blogs to follow.  The words that she is able to use... allowing us to ever so slightly feel like we were the ones to whom she was speaking.  I love her language, her impeccable style, and the fact that she keeps up this joy and hobby with little tikes running around.

Kristina creates the most incredible outfits!  My work attire revolves around my skirts and how to use them time to time again ... with changes!

Kristina's blog has challenged me to think outside the box.... adding a graphic tee and a cardi to pencil skirt? what?  But yes, I adore it! Perfect to stay comfortable casual in the office while still looking your best!

J Crew Jackie Cardi (on supersale in minty green!)
J Crew Outlet- Graphic Tee
Anthropologie- Hortulan Pencil Skirt

Krisitina J, If you're listening, I am in awe of the daily ensembles you put together, making it a point to find a sweet quite moment with your husband, and day after day bring your kids to a land of fun and adventure.  

I admire you, and I look to you.

Find that blog that inspires you, and be better because of it!


So excited about the start of the new Anthro blog world book club, so brilliantly put together by one of my favorites: 'In Pursuit of Pretty Things'.  I have thought this would be so incredibly fun for quite awhile (but none of my friends love reading like I do!)... such a personal way to get the women of this sweet community together to chat and share our thoughts and feelings.

My mom had recently picked up a copy of The Help for me after hearing all the overwhelming buzz surrounding it.  The week after, 'In Pursuit of Pretty Things' posted details on their blogger reading club for this book.  So meant to be!  I had been itching to start this book, and reading this post gave me all the motivation... finished it in a weekend!

Won't share too many details here, but I must say, I loved every second reading this breathtaking, hilarious, and often times heartbreaking novel.

If you have not made the decision to participate in the book club, I strongly urge you to check out the post for info and join the conversation! I am so happy with my decision to do so!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a movin' and a shakin'

By now, I'm sure you all have heard about the freak earthquake that rocked the East Coast yesterday.  'Rocked the East Coast'... rocked. Get t it? Ha.

Needless to say, it was one of the craziest experiences of my life.  For one that has never been through an earthquake before, and that doesn't live in California, I have no say, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before.  People going crazy, panic, knowing that we work in a century-old building.  Scary, but somehow, the majority of us were laughing as we ran down the stairs to get out.  Either way, I'm so incredibly thankful that there was no major damage to our side of the country, and no serious injuries reported.

We did come home to definite evidence that the quake hit our little condo... though to be honest, it almost looked more like a thief tore his way through our place.

Some of the proof I captured on the handy dandy iPhone:

Our dresser with all the drawers opened.  Looked like a burglar searched for loot.  I promise Mr. Criminal Quake... we have nothing worth stealing, except MY CLOTHES! Stay AWAY!

Shakers knocked down to the stove.  Also amongst the evidence:  a large stack we had neatly in a corner thrown all over the office, my husband's watch randomly thrown from the coffee table over towards the fireplace, and all of my hairproducts and miscellaneous toilettries toppled from counters down to the bathroom floor.

Took no time at all to clean up, with nothing shattered or broken.  We are so lucky!  I now can cross that off my bucket list:  experienced an earthquake.  Not too scary, no damage.  Now no more please!

Actually got up early enough to do my hair, pack my stuff, and get the husband to snap a couple pictures on my phone to share!  Not sure about you all, but we've had a 10 degree drop in the last week from typical summer temps... so grateful.  And unfortunately, I've started to obsess incescentally about Fall (my favorite... no really, favorite time of the year)

J Crew Factory Outlet: Striped Boatneck with bedazzled top (in Olive Wash Ash)
Anthropologie: Oh-La Lace Pencil Skirt (in Navy)
Seycehlles Gypsy Sandles

 I've never been one to mix brown and navy, but something about this screams Fall to me. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, and thank you so much for welcoming me back with open arms.  I have a surprise up my sleeve... well, several actually, that you won't want to miss.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

still around

Still around, I promiseLife has been such an incredible whirlwind the last few months.  Days, weeks,  and weekends all flying by.... Lots of uncertainties, lots of unknowns, and lots of excitement.  Plans finally settling into place, and our future feeling more true and real.  Has it honestly been four and a half months since the day I said "I do"? Furthermore, has it truly been three full months since I have posted here?

Where do I even begin?  Probably the best place to start is with an apology.  To you all and to myself.  I have so very much that I want to share with you.  I've temporarily abandoned this sweet little community, never allowing myself the time to check in. 

I have been keeping up with all of you, though!  Rather than my daily favorite read-throughs, I have been catching up in large doses less frequently.  I have missed checking in with you all, commenting, and seeing your comments!

I have continued to get up and dress in my favorite lovelies every day, though I have made no time for pictures! 

Anthro Gull Wing Dress
Cousin's Wedding in Cincinatti

Yet our camera has felt so lonely lately....  Husband, if you're reading, it's time to start making time for pictures again! Promise?

So thank you for sticking with me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I can't wait to catch you up on it all, and to get back to documenting it for myself. 

Going to do my best to reconnect with this part of me and all of you!

And... have been wanting to share a couple for quite some time now!

Dear April 2, 2011,
Thank you for being the most incredible day of my life.  I'll spend every day remembering the vows I made, and holding them near to me forever.  I love you, husband.  And am so proud every day to be your wife.