Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hello my lovely Anthro ladies!!!

It has been so incredibly long since I've been on here.  I have spent the last few months going through my closet and I have some INCREDIBLE items to sell.  All highly coveted items in EXCELLENT condition.  First post to begin with dresses only.  I'll keep adding and will update the post as things sell.  Many more items to come: skirts, blouses, tees, sweaters, jackets, accessories, jewelry, shoes.... Comment here or check back for more info!

Please email me with any questions or offers at: kim{dot}dovel{@}gmail{dot}com


Waffle Weave Dress $95 
NWT size xs

Era Plumes Dress $45
NWT size 0

Braque Bodie Dress $45 
size p, xs
Plenty by Tracy Reese

Polished Platinum Dress $175 size 0

Learning Curve Dress $95 size 0
Eva Franco

Blooming Sapphire Wrap Dress $45 size 0 
Moulinette Soeurs

Martagon Sketch Halter Dress $85 size xs

Emerald Wicklow Dress $65 size xs

Blurred Shapes Dress $55 size 0

Pieced Columns Dress $95 size xs
Bailey 44

Reed Shirt Dress $75 size 0
Moulinette Soeurs

Rugged Carats Dress  $85 size 0
Edme & esyllte

Stilled Nights Dress $75 size xs 
Moulinette Soeurs

Pencil Eraser Dress, $45 xs (green)
little yellow button

Shore House Shift Dress $45 size 0

Elornis Shift Dress, $45 Size xs
Dream Daily

Striped Terry Midi Dress,$35 
size xs (taken up a little at shoulders, was long in chest)


Breezy Polkas Cardigan $45 (navy) size xs

Remaining Lilies Cardigan $55  size xs
Field and Flower

Avena Zip Up $20

Poche Shirt $65 (red/yellow)

Beckett Buttondown $45 (navy)

Starred Entry Tee $45 (lavender) 

Here & There, Tee $35 size xs

Leafy Crossing Tee $45, size xs

Twisted Ascot Tee (gold) $35, xs

Printed Boy Tee $25 size xs

Printed Boy Tee, Sailboats $25 size xs


Fruit Cooler Necklace (blue) $35

Sweeping Stitch Heels $65
size 7.5

Floridian Oasis Heels $65

size 7.5

Bonneville Wedges 7.5 $65
Seychelles , EUC worn once

Sketched Lace Up Wedges $45
Size 8, EUC, worn once 

Mystic Tieback Bib $45

Je T’aime Cloisonne Pendant Necklace $35

Stranded Galaxy Necklace $25

Le Fenice Earrings $25

Pattern Duet Loop Infinity Scarf $20

Pattern Duet Loop Infinity Scarf $20

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello lovelies. As I start to find my way back to the blogging community, I've realized I have no choice but to come to all you wonderful ladies for help.

I just posted this request on EA:
"Ok ladies, I thought it was worth a shot here, as everyone must be scouring the stores with the most amazing 50% off promotion and with perfect holiday timing!
I am so desperately searching for the Polished Platinum Dress in a size 0. Of course, CS says they are sold out, and I've tried cold calling several stores. I refuse to believe they are completely gone! If you have seen one, please let me know at what store, or put it on hold for Kim. I'll be sure to send a little Christmas goody your way for all of your help! Please please help a sister out!!!"

So please, oh please, if any of you have seen this beauty in a size 0, I will be forever, forever grateful (with big promises to send along something sweet for your help).

Hoping to see your comments popping up soon. Because after all, those that have followed me all this time are spectacular women.


Christmas Gifting - Guest post

I'm a guest blogger over on Kristina J. with a feature on last minute Christmas gift ideas:

I must admit, this was a huge honor. Kristina is one of my absolute favorites, and I feel so excited to be a part of her blog!

Check it out, for sure.


Your long-lost blogger


Happy, Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas my dears, from my family to yours.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

...stepping away...

This community has been hit with so much over the last couple of weeks. I was truly hoping for the chance to get more involved, and do anything I could to maintain our sweet little corner of the blog world.

I am so sad to say that, after much consideration, I've decided to step away for awhile. In the last week, I've witnessed the most intensely harsh words and criticisms that I had no idea even existed in this community. This bitterness was not conveyed through my blog, but through others I've read.

The reason I loved being a part of this blogging community was because of the sense of partnership and sisterhood that I felt with all you women. Unfortunately, those moments of partnership seem so difficult to find through the pages and pages of angry bitter words towards one another.

I have decided to step away from the Reader Outfits: What We Wear feature. I had so looked forward to doing this, as a chance to keep alive a feature that all of us loved. Many great women have submitted, saying they were so glad that Liz and I had decided to keep the feature going. With all the hurtful and negative feelings conveyed in anger over our doing this feature, I now want no part in it.

Liz, I wish you the very best in continuing this feature. It seems so clear that women love and miss this feature and were excited about this continuation. A very painful thread on Roxy's blog brought about many many negative words. Such bitter rants. Roxy had said she was planning on doing Reader Outfits as well, and I think that's wonderful too. You have such a loyal following of people that would all love to take part.

A woman's blog is her blog. Their part of the online world that lets her share whatever their her heart desires. Be true to what you want to write. Things you find most interesting, pictures and details.

Who are we to criticize these people? We have such a strong potential to, instead, become close with them.

The last several weeks deeply saddens me. I truly thought we would all get the chance to pull back up and be stronger than ever. In the process, it has become ever so cool, ever so cruel. Ever so difficult to continue to be around the constant negativity.

So this will be it for awhile. Not sure if I'll be pulling it down completely, or just taking a much needed breather. I am so hoping that everyone will have calmed down in the not so distant future. That each and every one of us can be a better part of this community... aiming always to build it up, and never to break each other down.


*** Update...

Hey ladies. Thank you so much for all of the sweet positive messages in response to my last post.
I just wanted to make it clear (not sure if I didn't in this post) that I need a break not because I feel as if I'm being personally attacked and torn down. It is the way I'm seeing others being treated that seriously bothers me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My opinion is simply... if you don't like something, don't read it.
It just makes me so sad to see the way ladies are completely tearing apart other bloggers in general.
Thanks so much for the support. Please continue to support each other!

Monday, September 19, 2011

OOTD: Bright night out

*** Don't forget to send your entries for Reader Outfits: What We Wear to readeroutfits.whatwewear@gmail.com by Friday night!

As the husband and I get closer and closer to the move that we are so excited about, we also get closer and closer to saying goodbye to the people that have made our time here so special.  Friends I got so close with on a 6 month-stint at the Pentagon threw us a going away dinner Saturday night.  Such a positively fun night surrounded by great friends, great wine, and sad goodbyes.  

Dinner attire was casual, but I was dying for a chance to wear a few new fall favorites!

Anthro Molten Blouse
Pilcro Serif Cords
Steve Madden flats
Watch: Michael Kors
Wrap bracelet: Stella & Dot

Had all my shoes not been packed already, I would have loved to wear some nice tall brown boots to break up the color.  There's always next time!

Hope you all are having a beautiful start to your week!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reader Outfits: 'What We Wear'... all the details!

Yesterday, I posted info on a feature called Reader Outfits: What We Wear' that would be starting here on Array of Anthro... a new version of an old favorite (Reader Outfits on a since discontinued blog).

Almost immediately, I received a message from Liz over at Behind The Dressing Room Door that she too had thought of working to keep this feature we all loved so much alive. So... a wonderful partnership and collaboration was born. 

Reader Outfits: What We Wear will be a new, collaborative approach to displaying the fresh, inventive, and beautiful stylings of all you lovely ladies reading.  Please submit your outfit to ReaderOutfits.WhatWeWear@gmail.com 
and include the following information:

-  Your name
-  Your Blog URL (so we can link up to you in the post!)
-  Your outfit details: Designer details, or names of items in your ensemble.  (This way we can link up to the product for the ladies that love what you're rockin')   
- Don't forget to attach your photo!

Please submit all entries by Friday, September 23 at 9 pm PST (and every Friday thereafter!)

Liz and I will both be doing write-ups on each of your outfits.  Half of the entries will be posted on Array of Anthro, and half will be posted over at Behind The Dressing Room Door.  And of course we'll link to the other's page so you can click over to see the other half of the gorgeous outfits!

I am so exited about this collaboration, and so excited about the continuation of this feature.  So many of us looked forward to seeing our lovely reader outfits feature on the weeks it was available.  We'll have it here for you every week!

So, spread the word ladies! Let's rebuild, reconnect, and share with each other 'What We Wear' !