Sunday, May 15, 2011

our wedding rehearsal evening

Every girl dreams about her wedding since she was a child, right?  Yes, I was one of those too.  Perhaps even more so, I dreamed about the night of our wedding rehearsal.  Odd?  Maybe.  But I have gotten to be a part of so many rehearsals and rehearsal dinners.  And if you're paying attention, you can witness an amazing feeling, an amazing energy.

my outfit: Martagon Sketch Halter Dress (Anthro)
Nordstrom BP Cardi
Tahari Peep toes

My rehearsal was just this.  It felt so completely surreal.  Am I really walking down the aisle right now? Am I actually going to be doing this for real tomorrow?!   I started crying right before our first run through.  As it was starting, my girls began moving forward down the aisle, planning timing and such.  As they start moving, the music starts to play.  Oh my goodness, the music.  The music to be played during the ceremony wasn't completely traditional, yet so completely us.  The Church pianist and I had talked for quite awhile about what music and what particular phrases I wanted included to invoke the emotions of our day.  We agreed on some numbers, but I had yet to hear her play them.  Pure beauty were the musical notes and chords that escaped the piano.  I was so overwhemed with the music that I lost it.... crying in the back with my dad.... reassuring him, that I was fine.  Not nervous, Not uspset, but so completely happy with the music (and my life at that particular time) that was so much more than I had dreamed about for so long.  That our ceremony music was going to be utterfly flawless, completely us... on our wedding day.  

with our gorgeous bridesmaides
From L to R; Chelsea, (Mark and me), Melissa (cousin). and Jen (cousin and made of honor)

We practiced a time or two.  Made it through.  And in part because our minister made it so light hearted and fun, we all had a genually good time doing it.  With such excitement about what was to come the next day and such excitement to meet with our family at the rehearsal dinner!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OOTD: Contemporarian

Happy Wednesday dears!  It has been an absolute crazy week here at work, and the next few days should be the same.  Hard work, long hours, minimal human interaction.  Lots and lots of overtime to be logged, which I'm just reminding myself means more days off in the sweet summer sun come June!

My motivation to get up and come to work for grueling 11-12 hour days has been to pick outfits I seriously love. So much easier to get through the day when you love what you're wearing!

Anthro Contemporarian Dress
J Crew Factory online Ruffle Cardi
Ralph Lauren belt

Newest Anthro purchase here....  I swore I was waiting for this Contemporarian Dress to go on sale, but of course it sold out online!! After hearing from CS that they were sold out nation-wide, I decided it was worth my time for some cold-calling.  Success!!  (I always start with the NYC stores... they seem to always have the biggest stock of clothes in my size.) Thanks Soho for this beauty!!

Back tonight with rehearsal/rehearsal dinner recap and pics!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

sneak peak

"Boo, I see you"

Right before the very biggest moment of my entire life is about to happen.  And me?  I'm as calm as I've ever been in my whole life. 

What an odd, peaceful, and beautiful moment.  Finding myself in a room by myself for the first time of the day.  The gravity of the situation really sets in. And instead of feeling weighed down or nervous, I felt the complete opposite.  So completely happy, so entirely grounded, and so very sure that what we were about to do in front of all our friends and family is what I've wanted to do since the week I met him.  Praise God, praise our love, love each other, and adore the company there to witness our vows.  To each other, to God, to our witnesses, to ourselves.  

I plan on rewinding to share from the beginning.  Just hoping to get you the first sneak peak into the most incredible day of this anthro's-lovin life.  


Thursday, May 5, 2011

final night... color dipped

I have been hanging on to this dress for so long I can't even stand it.  Thought when I bought it, it would be what I wore the night of the rehearsal for my wedding, as we were having a Mexican themed rehearsal dinner.  BUT an hour before, I changed my mind... leaving the Color Dipped Dress quite available to be tucked in my suitcase.

Wore her on the last night and loved every second.  Perfect night.  Perfect dress.  Perfect honeymoon.  Perfect husband.

Anthropologie Color Dipped Dress
Seychelles Gypsy Sandals

Does this face mean 'I love you' in your house?
Sure does in ours...

Honeymoon's officially wrapped up... so looks like it's finally time to start sharing the wedding deets with you!  CAN'T WAIT!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I had only planned on putting up a quick OOTD post tonight.  Checked into just for a peek and OH. MY. GOODNESS.

I don't believe I've shared this important little piece of my life here, but I have a slight obsession with flamingos.  In my sorority in college, I was part of the Flamingo Family.  Here, the love begin.  It grew into SO MUCH MORE than just liking the crazy pink birds.  It became a full on obsession.  Each and every friend/family member could easily gift me some type of flamingo paraphernalia for any holiday, and you'd see a happy Kim.  

Here's the logic.  Flamingos are crazy. And bright. And beautiful. And so incredibly unique.  And that's me.  And that's my sorority little sister, Heather... the one I adore, and love more than life.  (If you pay very close attention, you'll notice her commenting frequently on here- thanks little).

And look what I found at my little piece of heaven, inspiring this several-paragraph long tribute to flamingos....

Dilly Dally Tank
Done, and done.  No xs left online, but you better believe I'll be calling every store in the Continental US until I find this.

And now, a further fawning over my little one and flam lovin....

The day my precious one got initiated into our sorority.
Big day for her, but just as big for me... becoming
her big sister!!

Hokie football <3 

Halloween '06

and the gorgeous little celebrating my
bachelorette party with me in NYC.

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts.

Our honeymoon last month...
swimsuit: Anthro Elephant Ears Maillot

"Sorry husband, but all i want to do all day is
sit with these real life flamingos,
and have you take picture.  k?"

I want that shirt.....



OOTD: a quickie

Hi ladies!  Not too much time tonight, but have a few OOTD's around here waiting to be posted!  

Easy work outfit.  Had this color combo I wanted to wear, but didn't know how I was going to pair it.  Wake up late for work... navy dress? Easy. Cardi? Easy. Belt it, and done.

I really need to start getting up when my alarm goes off...

Dress: Banana Republic (2009 or 2010?)
Cardigan: J Crew Jacki Cardi
Belt: Nordstrom BP

Oh my goodness, please excuse this awful dot on the second picture.  I think it's time to clean the lens!!

Hope you all are having a great week!


Monday, May 2, 2011

oh, maxi dear

I simply could not wait to wear this dress.  Or this necklace.  Hubs bought the necklace for me as one of my many, beautiful wedding day gifts, and he insisted I get this dress as my 'one and only new, must have dress' for our 'one and only, must have honeymoon'.  This dress just fits so beautifully.  Can't wait to wear many more times in the very near future!
Dress: Anthro's Chroma Reflections Maxi
Necklace: Anthro
(not online anymore! can't find name but WILL keep searching!)

Oooh... another fun fact about this weekend.  We took hubby's one and only OOTD shot.  He couldn't wait.  And by couldn't wait, I mean I made him.  Dear husband of mine, you are so rediculously handsome.