Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello lovelies. As I start to find my way back to the blogging community, I've realized I have no choice but to come to all you wonderful ladies for help.

I just posted this request on EA:
"Ok ladies, I thought it was worth a shot here, as everyone must be scouring the stores with the most amazing 50% off promotion and with perfect holiday timing!
I am so desperately searching for the Polished Platinum Dress in a size 0. Of course, CS says they are sold out, and I've tried cold calling several stores. I refuse to believe they are completely gone! If you have seen one, please let me know at what store, or put it on hold for Kim. I'll be sure to send a little Christmas goody your way for all of your help! Please please help a sister out!!!"

So please, oh please, if any of you have seen this beauty in a size 0, I will be forever, forever grateful (with big promises to send along something sweet for your help).

Hoping to see your comments popping up soon. Because after all, those that have followed me all this time are spectacular women.


Christmas Gifting - Guest post

I'm a guest blogger over on Kristina J. with a feature on last minute Christmas gift ideas:

I must admit, this was a huge honor. Kristina is one of my absolute favorites, and I feel so excited to be a part of her blog!

Check it out, for sure.


Your long-lost blogger


Happy, Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas my dears, from my family to yours.