Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OOTD(s): playing catch up

Yes, I'm still here!  And oh how I've missed you! :)

Things have been super busy around here.  Been hit with a crazy wedding fever planning bug (the good kind, where you get tons and tons done).  Unfortunately hasn't left time for much else!!  That, another busy week at work, and a bit of sickness has left me m.i.a for practically a whole week! AH!

Wanted to leave a quick post to share just a couple outfits from last week! Was running around so quickly I forgot to get pictures of most (or maybe, I didn't feel most were worthy of photographing...)

on to the outfits my pretties!

Wore this number out to dinner last week.  I have to say how much I am loving this belt!  The deuxhill cowlneck tops went on sale today.... Ladies, if you haven't tried on one of these, you're missing out.  They're amazing!!
Anthro Deuxhill Cowlneck
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Anthro Bow Tied Beauty Belt
Nordstrom Rising Starlet Skinnies
Steve Madden Boots

And outfit number 2!! Worn out on double date night for bowling with my best friend and her hunny.  Had the most fun!!

J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Ann Taylor Zipper Tee
Dillards Skirt
Macys Belt
Steve Madden Boots
Ruche Double Dove Necklace

I have a little confession to make... this Apothecary Skirt from Anthropologie has been on my wish list since long before Christmas.  I've loved it for so long.  I've seen so many combinations in my head of what I could pair it with.  I've watched for weeks and weeks as Anthro kept it at it's price point of $128... sigh.  Until Lisa posted a link of this pretty little skirt at Dillards for less than half the price.  Are you kidding?! Dillards?! Ok, yes, I'm an Anthro devotee, but we all deserve a break sometimes.  So, I reluctantly pulled out my card and turned my back on my beloved... just for one afternoon.

Do you all hate me for it?!