Thursday, May 5, 2011

final night... color dipped

I have been hanging on to this dress for so long I can't even stand it.  Thought when I bought it, it would be what I wore the night of the rehearsal for my wedding, as we were having a Mexican themed rehearsal dinner.  BUT an hour before, I changed my mind... leaving the Color Dipped Dress quite available to be tucked in my suitcase.

Wore her on the last night and loved every second.  Perfect night.  Perfect dress.  Perfect honeymoon.  Perfect husband.

Anthropologie Color Dipped Dress
Seychelles Gypsy Sandals

Does this face mean 'I love you' in your house?
Sure does in ours...

Honeymoon's officially wrapped up... so looks like it's finally time to start sharing the wedding deets with you!  CAN'T WAIT!


  1. So pretty! And I love that last pic, so Kim!! Can't wait for the wedding posts... ya know since it's not like I was there or anything ;)

  2. Kim I must have your necklace!!! did you ever find/remember what it is called?

  3. REALLY cute!!!! Grr, now I wish I snatched up that dress too!

  4. ummmm, i NEED this! you look totally fabulous and i want to steal that of your body. but, i'm excited for wedding deets!!

  5. How adorable!! I have this dress and haven't worn it yet, and now I almost don't think I can after seeing how unbelievably amazing YOU look in it!!