Monday, May 2, 2011

oh, maxi dear

I simply could not wait to wear this dress.  Or this necklace.  Hubs bought the necklace for me as one of my many, beautiful wedding day gifts, and he insisted I get this dress as my 'one and only new, must have dress' for our 'one and only, must have honeymoon'.  This dress just fits so beautifully.  Can't wait to wear many more times in the very near future!
Dress: Anthro's Chroma Reflections Maxi
Necklace: Anthro
(not online anymore! can't find name but WILL keep searching!)

Oooh... another fun fact about this weekend.  We took hubby's one and only OOTD shot.  He couldn't wait.  And by couldn't wait, I mean I made him.  Dear husband of mine, you are so rediculously handsome.



  1. What a pretty maxi dress. I really like the sleeves on it.

  2. OK, THAT is how a maxi dress is supposed to look on a gal - you are rocking it! I love love that dress but shortie me couldn't make it work.

  3. You look AMAZING!!!! Oh my...I agree with Lisa. Seriously breathtaking. I want your whole outfit now! :)

  4. omg! i love that dress and necklace!! stunning!!

    ps: i'm hosting a giveaway for an awesome ampersand sign... hope you'll join in!