Thursday, April 28, 2011

maillot please

Happy Thursday lovelies!  So happy to be home to start the weekend!  Just cooked dinner for the hubs and we have an entirely thrilling night planned.  Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning until The Office comes on. Goodbye, Michael Scott.  Oh my goodness, I know I'll be crying!

I ordered 4 bathing suits from Anthro prior to the honeymoon.  Was dying for a one piece this year.  Two stayed with me and made the cut.  The Elephant Ears Maillot and the Sea Anemone Maillot.  Both were incredible!  

Mine and hubby's fav was the Elephant Maillot.  I honestly ordered this on a whim.  Loved the idea of it, but hated it on the model online!  The ruffle piece cut so short on her and made her look frumpy and short!  SO not the look I was going for.  Decided to try regardless, and THANK GOODNESS!  It appears so much different in person than on the model.  Longer ruffles, perfect moss color, utter perfection for a one piece.

The Sea Anemone was a favorite too, and I just couldn't bear to part with it.  So, it was a keeper too!  It looks SO retro.  Love, love, love.

Anthropologie Elephant Ears Maillot
American Eagle Shorts

Anthropologie Sea Anemone Maillot

What do you ladies think?  Ever ordered a suit from Anthro?  Pricey, I know.  But for the amount of use I'll be getting out of them... well worth the extra cash.

Happy weekend ladies!



  1. OMG, so cute! I love both suits, especially the sea anemone. I've looked at several of their suits but haven't ordered yet. I can't usually wear one pieces but may try one of the retro 2 pieces they have. Thanks for showing these. We rarely see swim reviews!

  2. You are just adorable in those suits! Both are gorgeous! I've been wanting to see the Elephant Ears on someone, so thank you for posting pictures! Love it!

    I have been tempted many a time by an Anthro suit, but we have no bodies of water where I live and few pools ... I just can't justify a splurge! :P

    You look lovely, thank you for sharing!

  3. I bought the Elephant Ears malliot, but ended up returning it. It fit great but I'm short-waisted and most one-piece suits just don't work on me. Looks great on you! Glad you had fun!