Sunday, May 15, 2011

our wedding rehearsal evening

Every girl dreams about her wedding since she was a child, right?  Yes, I was one of those too.  Perhaps even more so, I dreamed about the night of our wedding rehearsal.  Odd?  Maybe.  But I have gotten to be a part of so many rehearsals and rehearsal dinners.  And if you're paying attention, you can witness an amazing feeling, an amazing energy.

my outfit: Martagon Sketch Halter Dress (Anthro)
Nordstrom BP Cardi
Tahari Peep toes

My rehearsal was just this.  It felt so completely surreal.  Am I really walking down the aisle right now? Am I actually going to be doing this for real tomorrow?!   I started crying right before our first run through.  As it was starting, my girls began moving forward down the aisle, planning timing and such.  As they start moving, the music starts to play.  Oh my goodness, the music.  The music to be played during the ceremony wasn't completely traditional, yet so completely us.  The Church pianist and I had talked for quite awhile about what music and what particular phrases I wanted included to invoke the emotions of our day.  We agreed on some numbers, but I had yet to hear her play them.  Pure beauty were the musical notes and chords that escaped the piano.  I was so overwhemed with the music that I lost it.... crying in the back with my dad.... reassuring him, that I was fine.  Not nervous, Not uspset, but so completely happy with the music (and my life at that particular time) that was so much more than I had dreamed about for so long.  That our ceremony music was going to be utterfly flawless, completely us... on our wedding day.  

with our gorgeous bridesmaides
From L to R; Chelsea, (Mark and me), Melissa (cousin). and Jen (cousin and made of honor)

We practiced a time or two.  Made it through.  And in part because our minister made it so light hearted and fun, we all had a genually good time doing it.  With such excitement about what was to come the next day and such excitement to meet with our family at the rehearsal dinner!


  1. Hey! Just checking in...hope you're doing well and enjoying wedded bliss!

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