Thursday, August 25, 2011

minty fresh

Hi ladies and happy almost weekend to you all!  Again, I don't have camera-pretty pictures, but wanted to share my outfit as I was so happy with the result (even if they're just bathroom pictures!!)

This outfit was completely, 100% inspired by Kristina J.  This is truly one of my absolutely favorite blogs to follow.  The words that she is able to use... allowing us to ever so slightly feel like we were the ones to whom she was speaking.  I love her language, her impeccable style, and the fact that she keeps up this joy and hobby with little tikes running around.

Kristina creates the most incredible outfits!  My work attire revolves around my skirts and how to use them time to time again ... with changes!

Kristina's blog has challenged me to think outside the box.... adding a graphic tee and a cardi to pencil skirt? what?  But yes, I adore it! Perfect to stay comfortable casual in the office while still looking your best!

J Crew Jackie Cardi (on supersale in minty green!)
J Crew Outlet- Graphic Tee
Anthropologie- Hortulan Pencil Skirt

Krisitina J, If you're listening, I am in awe of the daily ensembles you put together, making it a point to find a sweet quite moment with your husband, and day after day bring your kids to a land of fun and adventure.  

I admire you, and I look to you.

Find that blog that inspires you, and be better because of it!

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  1. Kim....what a coincidence because I admire and look to you! You are impeccable, mah dear. Do not ever think lack of comments from me is a sign of disinterest. The publicity of my up-coming book has me down cold, but I am around, being inspired by you and all the other fashionable ladies out here.
    Thanks for the love. It is refreshing, encouraging and well-timed. =)Kristina J.