Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews: Part One

Hey ladies!  Husband and I made a trip to Anthro Sunday afternoon so I could finally take a look at some of the beautiful new Fall items.  Wanted to get some reviews for you!  Sorry about the lighting... took a few times for the hubs to get the swing of things ;)

Leafy Crossing Tee
Style No. 21389473
Dark Orange

First up is the Leafy Crossing Tee.  This shirt comes in the dark orange and a cream color.  The color hue of this orange is the epitome of fall for me.  I actually really loved this top.  Soft and drapey with a few special details. The diagonal stripe down the front is a great detail to keep this out of the standard tee category, as are three buttons on the back down from the neckline.  Wearing an xs here, so definitely true to size.  I did walk out without this shirt, but will surely be going back for it come the first signs of colder weather!

Unknown Odonate Epiprocta Tee
Style No. 21214150

How do I know all that info about a top that I'm unable to find details for online? Oh yes, it's because it came home with me, and I'm currently looking at the tag.  As soon as I see this appear, or if one of you see it online and I'm crazy, I'll update the link.  So, imagine your best fitting tee.  The one that you feels hugs your body in all the right places, and is as soft as can be.  This is that top.  But, they went the extra mile here and have the best lace like details on the sleeve, stepping it up a notch and making it more than just your favorite old tee.   This is an xs, so definitely go with your normal size here.  Can't wait to pair this with a number of different pencil skirts for work, and hopefully a pair of colored skinny cords on my wish list soon!

Nepal Jacket
Style No. 20399937

Though this isn't something I would generally find myself reaching for, I thought it was a cute idea for a casual jacket, so I wanted to give it a try.  The structure of the jacket is nice.  Cute little button details and a tie on the front (not my favorite.... probably would have preferred it without).  Loved the back synch that helped to structure the overall look.  I tried it on in a 0 and still had massive amounts of room (tried to show this in the last picture) so I would strongly recommend sizing down.  Not my favorite, but if you can find the one that fits you, it looks to be a cute option.

Hip Cinched Blouse
Style No. 21375035

This one has been reviewed a few times around the community, so I wanted to try it for myself.  Oh, I so wanted to love this top.  A silky polka dotted blouse with a great cinched bow detail? Sounded perfect to be.  It's a beauty in person, but I just found myself sized out.  This is a 0, and as a person with minimal amount of activity going on up top, it just seemed like too much fabric for me.  A bit overwhelming on my figure.  I do urge you all to give it a try for yourselves.  Hopefully you'll be surprised!

Part Two coming up soon!

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  1. That's the Zenobia tee. It looks great on you. I liked it as well but found it a little too fitted for me.