Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a movin' and a shakin'

By now, I'm sure you all have heard about the freak earthquake that rocked the East Coast yesterday.  'Rocked the East Coast'... rocked. Get t it? Ha.

Needless to say, it was one of the craziest experiences of my life.  For one that has never been through an earthquake before, and that doesn't live in California, I have no say, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before.  People going crazy, panic, knowing that we work in a century-old building.  Scary, but somehow, the majority of us were laughing as we ran down the stairs to get out.  Either way, I'm so incredibly thankful that there was no major damage to our side of the country, and no serious injuries reported.

We did come home to definite evidence that the quake hit our little condo... though to be honest, it almost looked more like a thief tore his way through our place.

Some of the proof I captured on the handy dandy iPhone:

Our dresser with all the drawers opened.  Looked like a burglar searched for loot.  I promise Mr. Criminal Quake... we have nothing worth stealing, except MY CLOTHES! Stay AWAY!

Shakers knocked down to the stove.  Also amongst the evidence:  a large stack we had neatly in a corner thrown all over the office, my husband's watch randomly thrown from the coffee table over towards the fireplace, and all of my hairproducts and miscellaneous toilettries toppled from counters down to the bathroom floor.

Took no time at all to clean up, with nothing shattered or broken.  We are so lucky!  I now can cross that off my bucket list:  experienced an earthquake.  Not too scary, no damage.  Now no more please!

Actually got up early enough to do my hair, pack my stuff, and get the husband to snap a couple pictures on my phone to share!  Not sure about you all, but we've had a 10 degree drop in the last week from typical summer temps... so grateful.  And unfortunately, I've started to obsess incescentally about Fall (my favorite... no really, favorite time of the year)

J Crew Factory Outlet: Striped Boatneck with bedazzled top (in Olive Wash Ash)
Anthropologie: Oh-La Lace Pencil Skirt (in Navy)
Seycehlles Gypsy Sandles

 I've never been one to mix brown and navy, but something about this screams Fall to me. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, and thank you so much for welcoming me back with open arms.  I have a surprise up my sleeve... well, several actually, that you won't want to miss.  Stay tuned!


  1. You always put together the best little outfits - this ensemble is easy and chic and fits you so well! Glad you guys "rode" through the earthquake with no issues!

  2. Glad you're okay over there.....while here in CA we're still waiting for "the big one". LOL. :-) I'm really glad you're back on your blog. Your readers missed ya!