Thursday, September 15, 2011


I by no means have been affected by the unjust experiences coming to light in the Anthro blogging world, though somehow, I do feel affected.  I feel hurt and completely unsettled knowing that the women of our community have been wronged and taken advantage of.  I know by now you all have read experiences shared in different forums.  If you are one that has been affected and are choosing to stay quiet, that is your right... by ALL means.  I do urge you to carefully look at Roxy's post: 

You deserve to protect yourself and are entitled to the safety that the law ensures.  If you have been wronged, refund or not, you have every single right in the entire world to file a formal complaint.  

Our community is such a special one.  One that does not deserve to be ripped apart by the actions of one. 

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