Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reader Outfits: 'What We Wear'... all the details!

Yesterday, I posted info on a feature called Reader Outfits: What We Wear' that would be starting here on Array of Anthro... a new version of an old favorite (Reader Outfits on a since discontinued blog).

Almost immediately, I received a message from Liz over at Behind The Dressing Room Door that she too had thought of working to keep this feature we all loved so much alive. So... a wonderful partnership and collaboration was born. 

Reader Outfits: What We Wear will be a new, collaborative approach to displaying the fresh, inventive, and beautiful stylings of all you lovely ladies reading.  Please submit your outfit to 
and include the following information:

-  Your name
-  Your Blog URL (so we can link up to you in the post!)
-  Your outfit details: Designer details, or names of items in your ensemble.  (This way we can link up to the product for the ladies that love what you're rockin')   
- Don't forget to attach your photo!

Please submit all entries by Friday, September 23 at 9 pm PST (and every Friday thereafter!)

Liz and I will both be doing write-ups on each of your outfits.  Half of the entries will be posted on Array of Anthro, and half will be posted over at Behind The Dressing Room Door.  And of course we'll link to the other's page so you can click over to see the other half of the gorgeous outfits!

I am so exited about this collaboration, and so excited about the continuation of this feature.  So many of us looked forward to seeing our lovely reader outfits feature on the weeks it was available.  We'll have it here for you every week!

So, spread the word ladies! Let's rebuild, reconnect, and share with each other 'What We Wear' !

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