Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Come Together"... details on a new feature!

I've been one of many that can't help but be wrapped up in the endless blog entries regarding our community's recent scandal. My husband even just showed me an entry on a blog he looks at with the post titled: "FRAUDOPOLOGIE". And believe me, he's not one to cruise the internet searching for Anthro stories.

This makes me sad. Yes, many have been hurt, and many are feeling the desire to pull away from our blogging community. I, like hopefully many others, am feeling an overwhelming desire to throw myself back into blogging, and reconnect with the ladies that have made and keep this community what it is. We are similar, we share so many things. We are honest, we write about the things we enjoy, and love to read the musings of those like us.

Breaking away from the blogs is a forfeit in mind, letting the dishonest win the game. Instead, let's 'come together' with a renewed vow to support one another... seeking friendship and honesty.

SO... in an effort to pull those together that feel the same way I do, I'd like to start a new feature here on Array of Anthro.

'What We Wear'

I'll try to run a 'What We Wear' feature every week, giving those women (bloggers and readers alike) another forum to submit reader outfits. I don't know about you all, but I so looked forward to reading those every week, grabbing so much inspiration from my fellow Anthro-lovers.

To mix it up a little, I'll try to come up with some kind of outfit inspired theme each week for the 'What We Wear' post.

Most of the country felt the early feelings of Fall this week, and I know so many of us are yearning for the cooler weather to jump back into the Fall favorites in our closet. Please send me your Fall-inspired outfits that you've worn recently! (If you're a west-coaster and haven't had the cool weather yet, send in any reader outfit you like!)

Please send your 'What We Wear' Fall outfit and outfit details to
I'll collect outfits until Friday evening on the 23rd, and post next weekend!

Spread the word ladies! Let's rebuild, reconnect, and share with each other 'What We Wear' !

**Update** Liz over at Behind the Dressing Room Door will be collaborating with me to make this feature FANTASTIC! So excited about this partnership, as well as making the new 'What We Wear' feature as fresh and exciting as possible! Head over to Liz's page to read her take on the new feature!


  1. I LOVE THIS! I was going to pick this feature up since I loved reading Kim's posts every Sunday and it gave me inspiration! Maybe we can do a collaboration and post on both our blogs somehow? Let's chat about it more through email since I think this a feature we need to keep alive. Can you email me when you get a chance?

    Thanks Kim! :)

  2. Love it! I too feel like just because one person made a massive mistake all should not fall becuase of it. Keep moving ahead I say!

  3. Maybe one person could do a dressier outfit feature versus casual or a feature with a specific item, I always enjoyed seeing how a particular item or dress could be styled by everyone. Either way, it sounds like a great collaborative effort!

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  5. So cool! Thanks for continuing this feature!

  6. I was so sad that Reader Outfit's would be discontinued so I'm excited to hear that you and Liz are willing to start a new (and better!) series! Thanks so much!!

  7. Thank you all so much! Please check out my most recent post for the most current info... and send in your outfits!! SO excited for the first feature <3