Friday, September 16, 2011

honey blues

Ok, I've been called a bit dramatic on more than one occasion, but I feel like this is such a horrible situation to be in.

You see, I own this coat.

Anthro Honey Harvested Coat

My parents gave me this beautiful coat as a Christmas last year, and I loved it to pieces.  The classic shape, accompanied by the bright beautiful color kept me so happy all winter.

Now the problem.  Anthropologie has decided to cause me some serious heartache this coming winter.  Have you seen the most beautiful addition to the Anthro's New Arrivals?  No? Well please, let me share....
Anthro's Ruched Marigold Coat

This coat is so utterly feminine, in such a beautiful hue.  Cinched waist, buttons placed perfectly.  I can only imagine that this coat is utter perfection (and believe me I've spent a lot of time thinking about it).

Why torture me so?  Two coats in the exact same color?!  Even I know that's irrational, and I won't be making the plunge (or letting anyone close to me make the plunge for me).

Sad times.  For those searching for the perfect winter coat, designed to make you feel flawlessly feminine, bright and beautiful... I'd venture to say this would be the one.


  1. Kim, I am having the same dilemma! I own the Honey Harvested Coat and love it, but I saw this new beauty and just melted. But I cannot imagine why I would need two mustard yellow coats in my closet. If it came in another color it would be mine in a heartbeat!

  2. I LOVE this coat and I LOVE the color. But my problem is that color doesn't look good on me :( I am hoping, for both your sake and mine, that they begin to offer this piece in other colors soon. Personally, I am hoping for a deep teal. I would DIE! :)