Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cancelled order?! (Good to know info for Anthro Charge and Send orders!)

Easy-as-Pie Dress

Called Anthro first thing Tuesday morning to order this bad boy.  I had wanted the Easy-as-Pie Dress for awhile, but just couldn't get myself to commit to paying full price for it.  Waking up on Tuesday to see it at half price? Yes please!

The ever helpful associate on the customer service line explained to me that since there were so many still in stock at various stores, they'd be able to do a 'charge and send' purchase.  Essentially, there has to be 3 or more of this dress at 3 or more different locations.  If there are, then the associate at Anthro Customer Service will locate one in your size, make the call, and arrange with that store for shipment.

You mean, I didn't have to call and track one down myself? I didn't have to feed my card number and address to as SA at a busy Anthro store? Yes please!

Fast forward to this evening.  I logged on to my Anthro account and was shocked to see a
tag next to my Easy-as-Pie Dress purchase.  WHAT?!!!  I immediately called Customer Service where I was reassured that no, my order was not actually cancelled.

Turns out with a 'charge and send' order, Customer Service initiates the order, and it appears on your account.  Once they have contacted a store with your item, they place the Cancelled Order tag on your account.  It is then up to the location with your item to contact you to arrange for purchase and shipment.  I was told this should happen in another day or so.

So, not too bad of news right?  But as my fiance pointed out... doesn't this whole process seem to add to the time that it will take for me to get my order?  If I had gotten the number of a store having the dress in stock, it seems the order would have already been initiated, and that pretty little dress would already be on it's way to my open arms.

Good point Fiance, good point.



  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! They made my day! Hehe! And the Easy-as-Pie dress is BEAUTIFUL. Did you at least get free shipping out of this entire transaction? That is the only advantage I can think of to having Anthro's CS track down the dress for you because in my experience, if you call the store directly, you are charged for shipping whereas if Anthro's CS does it, the shipping is free. Anyhoodle, I hope that dress makes its way to you soon and that you love it!

  2. I love doing charge and sends, but it does take up to 72 hours for them to do them so sometimes you still miss out on the items. I got the store numbers Monday night and called them directly first thing Tuesday morning to ensure I would get the Easy As Pie Dress. I didn't want to chance it. Weird that CS didn't tell you about the "Cancelled Order" appearing on your account. They are supposed to tell you that. It says that so they can track it in their system. Sorry you were so worried...but so HAPPY you beautiful and gorgeous dress is on his way! :)

  3. COngrats on starting your fun! I am always scared to leave charge sends in the hands of the customer service people so I always ask for the store numbers and call myself. I'm a little OCD that way. I just like knowing then and there that my item is on it's way to me. That dress will look so cute on you! =)

  4. I hope your dress is on its way to you and it's not actually "cancelled". There is a risk with placing orders through CS just because it takes them longer so sometimes I just ask for the phone numbers of the stores and call them myself. Cute blog!

  5. Yeah that seems weird, it's like they add an extra step in the process which means it takes longer for you to get your order. Weird!

  6. I would never do a charge and send. Get the number and call yourself. Also, don't use a gift card for a sale item or a Pop Back. Takes almost a week to process the order. By then someone else jumps ahead of you and snags your treasure.

  7. Ladies,

    Thanks for all the tips! Sounds like you've been through this before! I am now seriously wishing I had just contacted a store directly, but oh well. Just waiting to see if I hear anything soon! If not by tomorrow, I may just try back to CS and find another store. Then if I end up with two dresses, I can always send one back. Better to have two than none, right?!

    Amy, CS told me that as long as none of your local stores have the item in stock, your shipping should be free! I made sure to mention that on with a couple different stores last week, and woohoo, free shipping!

  8. Hi Kim, I just tried on a size 0 for the Easy As Pie dress hours ago @ the Soho store in NYC... if you haven't heard anything yet from CS tmrw, give the store a call. They can do the charge-send with extra 25% off!

  9. Hi Kim - I found your blog through another's blog's comment sections. Eek, I just confused myself.

    Anyway, I also live just outside DC and was lusting after this dress for a long time. I did my first charge and send with a store in NJ, which was amazing. I ordered on Tuesday and got the dress yesterday and, go figure, I'm wearing it at work right now!

    Best of luck with the dress, and can't wait to read more of your posts.

  10. Hi Meg!! Thanks for the comment! Please follow so we can keep up with eachother!!

    You live outside of DC too? Which Anthro in the area is your favorite? I'm hoping to do a write up on the Tysons and Georgetown stores very soon! I must spend a day out in both stores... definite "research" for the blog. :)

    THANKS for stopping by!!

  11. Jean,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tip! Calling right now!