Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OOTD: New Piece

 Busy busy week at work.  But somehow, wearing a new piece helps the day feel a little bit more exciting. 

My new Piece de Resistance Blouse (sale purchase from last week) arrived in the mail yesterday.  Had no intentions of wearing it already, but somehow I found myself reaching for it this morning!

Was running late this morning, of course, so didn't get to snap any pictures til I got home. Thus, the wrinkled skirt.  11 hours at a desk tends to have that affect.  Sorry loves!

Anthro Piece de Resistance Blouse
Banana Republic Pencil Skirt
Anthro Seychelles Pumps

Added bonus.. my mom is in town for business this week!  Over for dinner and had to be a part of my "fashion shoot"!

Love you mama!

I'm sitting this sale out today, after clearly going crazy last week.  Did you lovely ladies pick up anything you've been waiting for?!


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  2. Love this blouse! It looks amazing on you! Isn't it light and comfortable? I love how you have paired it with the pencil skirt. You look so beautiful, even if you have been sitting at a desk for 11 hours! :) I picked up the Fancified Boatneck in Navy to possible wear with my gold Field Skirt (I've seen it on some bloggers and the combination is amazing) and the Jaquard Missive Skirt. I really wanted to sit this out, but I really wanted the skirt! :)

  3. The blouse looks great on you! The only piece I grabbed today was the Hop, Skip and Jump skirt in red. I loved it when I tried it on back in November, but there were so many other things I wanted first! @Elizabeth- Glad you got the Jacquard Missive Skirt! I wore it for my Christmas party and got so many compliments. It is gorgeous...

  4. You and your mom are way too cute!
    Sat the sale out, since I ordered for things (from four different stores) last Tues! Waiting on the last package to arrive....

  5. Nothing on sale this week for me.
    I tried that blouse on in orange Sunday at the store but had to put it back. Instead I purchased the blouse I'm wearing today! I couldn't just two new blouses when in reality I shouldn't have bought one!!!

    You're outfit looks great and is making me instantly regret this decision

  6. Love this outfit on you--you look so perfect for a day in the office, but so chic! Your mom is adorable..how fun to have her visiting!!! I sat the sale out this week...the only thing on my wish list that went to sale was the Winter Beauty Pullover but I'm holding out for a second cut on it. Here's to hoping for a bigger sale next week!

  7. Liz: I have the fancified boatneck in the other color and absolutely love it! It pairs with so much in my closet! The navy is going to look amazing with the gold field skirt!

    Hoping for a great sale next week along with the rest of you ladies!!

  8. i love a great pencil skirt...this one is cute with the two buttons!