Thursday, January 6, 2011

OOTD: Snowy Egret Shift

Woke up with quite the migraine this morning, and decided to head back to sleep for a few hours.  Good news is, Fiance stayed home with me to keep me company, and eventually drive me in to the office.  SO, we had a few extra minutes to take a few OOTD pics!


Anthro Snowy Egret Shift Dress
Limited Cardigan
Hue Tights (Macys)
Steve Madden Lace up Pumps

This dress was truly meant to be in my closet.  I couldn't wait to try it on as soon as it hit the racks several months ago.  I absolutely loved it, but wasn't sure it would get quite enough use to justify paying full price.  I was dying to wear it for Thanksgiving (the first ever Thanksgiving I would be hosting).  I eventually gave up on that dream.  Knowing how popular the dress is, I didn't think there'd be any way it would hit a first cut by the holiday.

Lo and behold, the Snowy Egret hit it's first cut two days before Thanksgiving! YES! I, of course, called up my local Anthro and drove out immediately after putting it on hold!

PS... when I finally woke up from my 'nap' this morning, Fiance suggested I just blow off work for the rest of the day so we could go play at Anthro.  What an amazing man!  If only it wasn't busy season here at the job I semi-hate, then we would be off having a fun afternoon in a store of beauties....

Have you ever played hookie to go shopping?!


  1. Found you on BellaSeattle. Love this dress, but I have learned that I can't have them all. If it happens, that's great, if not, there's always something better to come along.

  2. A fiance who wants to play at Atnhro? I say you've met your perfect match :)
    The Snowy Egret dress looks cute on you!

  3. Laura,
    That's been a hard lesson for me too...not being able to have all of them. Especially after seeing them look so great on so many women in blog-land!

    I agree! Perfect match! I can't imagine any old boyfriends (or any other guy friends for that matter) willing to play in my favorite store for hours.
    and OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so excited you're following. I just found your blog last week and love it! Can't wait for the book!

  4. I wish I could play hooky to go shopping lol, but I can't :P I can live through you vicariously though! That dress is adorable, and I like how you styled it like in the catalog shot, very cute.