Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OOTD: Shifting Buttons

Happy Wednesday readers! Hope your week is going well!  Wanted to share a quick OOTD post with you.  Woke up with quite the headache this morning (please excuse the crazy hair as a result).  Had to go in to work, though, so thought I'd wear my new Shifting Buttons skirt Fiance ordered me from eBay a few weeks ago. 

Anthro Shifting Buttons skirt
Ann Taylor Zipper Tee
Steve Madden Pumps

Was feeling a bit uninspired, and styled it quite simply, but I think the skirt is statement enough.  The length of this skirt is absolutely gorgeous and timeless no matter what it's paired with.  Loved wearing it!

Sat out the sale this past week, and actually returned a few items bought from the last few weeks after I'd had some time to think about it, and was so glad I did.  Do you ladies ever do that?  Splurge, and then after several days of thought, decide the money could go to much better use?


  1. You OOTD is very classic. Lovely styling.
    I'm not sure if I'm indecisive or just plain impulsive, but I am a serial return-er as well. My darling husband says I have a problem. But honestly, something can look great in the fitting room, but once I get it home it's just so-so. I truly believe that if you don't LOVE it, then it should go back. Don't settle for just "okay". And honestly, more often times than not, I come out of Anthro with even more clothes than I went in with. Argh. The vicious cycle begins yet again....

  2. Oh my, you look just so so adorable in that skirt! I remember what I could have gotten in, and I didn't! Shame on me for not!! You look so lovely in it, and I love how you paired it will a classic black top and dark heels to really show it off! The A-line is so flattering on your tall frame too, just gorgeous!

  3. I hope your headache is long gone - you look super pretty (and teensy tiny!) in this skirt - how sweet that fiance buys you Anthro goodies - you are right to marry this man ;)

  4. lol. i do the same thing. i returned a bunch of stuff at athro but then I bought a whole bunch more! love that skirt on you! the colors are so pretty :)

  5. Love your styling of this skirt! You look absolutely adorable and beautiful! :) I never even tried this skirt on and now am kicking myself for not since you pull it off so simply and well. I also do the same thing all the way too many items and then return more then half of them. I have a rule now that if I haven't worn it in a month, it goes into the return pile. If you don't wear it right away, then I'm obviously not in love with it. Hope you are enjoying your week! :)

  6. Thank you for your comments on my blog.
    That is one skirt i wished i had gotten, after seeing it on so many people!
    As i am from oz, so it is much harder to return something after purchase. Which is why i think VERY long and hard before i order things.