Monday, January 17, 2011

OOTN (Outfit of the Night): Stilled Night Wedding

Travelled to Fredricksburg, VA with Fiance for the weekend for an amazing wedding reuniting all my college friends.  

Tried on several dress options for the occasion, and this is the one Fiance and my parents voted on!

Anthro Stilled Night Dress
Nordstrom Tights
Nordstrom Headband
Steve Madden Pumps

(sorority sisters)

My roommates senior year, and my very best friends.  Every single memory from my last year in college involves these beautiful ladies!  

So happy with the Stilled Night Dress!  Bought it from an EA member, though I'd never tried it on.  Sometimes ladies, it's worth the risk!!



  1. You look so fabulous in that dress...the color is perfect on you! Looks like it was a great party!

  2. Hi Kim, you look stunning in that dress!

  3. You are beyond gorgeous in that dress! Looks like a fun celebration, I love weddings!

  4. I love the Stilled Night. It looks like one of those dress that you can wear a zillion waysd and still wear it a zillion years from now. It will never go out of style. And the Midnight Blue is seriously gorgeous on you with all that Blonde hair.

    I just talked to a very dear friend I have not spoken to in 11 years. She found me through a search service. It was awesome to hear her voice again. Never lose sight of your friends. They are forever.

    I actually saw a Modcloth version of the Stilled Night that I thought about.

  5. I was planning on wearing an almost exact outfit for my birthday dinner next week! I have some polka dot Kate Spade tights I was going to wear with the dress! Too cute!