Tuesday, January 4, 2011

spring line 2011

After the infamous pre-Christmas Tag sale, seems fitting that Anthro and the other retailers are beginning to introduce the 2011 Spring lines.  I'm torn though, as I have a closet full of winter items I now adore, yet I can't stop staring at the gorgeous new items arriving online.  Especially the dresses!!  

Hoping for an Anthro trip tomorrow to get into some of these pieces.  Will they meet up to my expectations? Or fall flat...?

Sing Sweetly Party Dress $168

Didn't think too much of this dress, til I saw a couple other bloggers in it.  So gorgeous and SO flattering!  I'll definitely be trying it out.  Perfect for upcoming showers, wedding parties, etc.

Gull Wing Dress $158

Saw this reviewed by Roxy today.  Holy cow!  Had no idea this dress was so adorable!  It really was so flattering, flowy, and so sweet.  I'm thinking it is a perfect contender for a day out on the honeymoon?  Hoping it looks as good on me!
Soft Structured Dress $148

Yet another love thanks to Anthro blog world.  Saw this on Maria and it was fabulous.  SO versatile, and really a decent price for an Anthro dress as pretty as this one.  I see myself getting tons of use out of this.  Work, dinner, drinks, shopping?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

River Fish Dress $298

Clearly the price tag rules the River Fish Dress out immediately.  $298?  Really Anthro?    Sometimes their starting prices just baffle me.  But it's obvious that has the same affect on others though too.  As I see time and time again, a beautiful dress appears for FAR too much.  Clearly they're not selling as expected, and first cut comes not too many weeks after.
With my body type, this dress would probably be a bust anyways (considering I have no bust, ha).  But something about the soft lines and the color palette call to me.   I can just picture this dress, or one similar, for the honeymoon. Tan skin, my Burberry sunglasses, a large straw hat keeping the sun off my face.  Drink in hand, sand between my toes, and new husband by my side.
So yes, so hoping to find you in store to try on!

That's all for tonight.  Having so much fun keeping connected and writing about what I spend the day dreaming of!

Followers...where are you?!!

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  1. oh my goodness i LOOOVE the river fish dress! gosh darn it. it's a lot of $! thanks for reading my blog!!