Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE pants

I love blogs.  I love getting in to work in the morning, pulling up my google reader, and entering blog world.  Catching up on all the beautiful wedding blogs, home improvement blogs, and the like.  Always amusing, always filled with pretty pictures.

Fashion blogs are way too fun though.  Not only do we get to see little pieces of the lives of our favorite bloggers, but we also get to share their fashion journey with them.  I read these blogs, look at these pictures, and so often find myself inspired and excited about putting together similar outfits.

Such was the case when I first saw this entry from Elaine at Clothed Much. (A favorite read, btw)  I remember seeing this post last week, thinking how great it looked on her, and yet somehow failing to see the pants were from Anthro.

Out shopping with the Fiance this weekend, I found a pair that looked strikingly similar on the sale racks.  For something ridiculous like 19 dollars.  I tried them on, so excited to try to recreate the look. 

Massive fail.  I had high expectations for these, as they looked SO amazing on Elaine!

The day after trying them on, Kendi posted on OOTD featuring the SAME PANTS!  The same pants Elaine had worn so beautifully, and the same exact pair that I had made look quite awful.


Back to Elaine.  Posted another pants entry looking more fabulous than the first time (if possible). 

How do these pants look so fantastic on these two women, and so horrible on me?  Perhaps I needed to style with a tighter shirt?  Maybe I should have tried the pants roll tactic?  Or maybe a heel would have spiced up their appeal?

Regardless, for an Anthro pant under $20, I'd say it's worth a second shot.  Especially after seeing two AMAZING fashion bloggers pull it off so beautifully.


  1. oh Anthro! It's a sick but beautiful obsession.

    sorry about the pants! i too have a few, "this looked WAY better on the hanger" moments in anthroplogie!

    excited about your blog! blogging is...the best!

  2. Hmmm Yes I think they would have to be shorter/rolled up and worn with either heels or flat oxfords. They might also be too big for your frame?

  3. Jennefer... I checked out your blog. HOLY TALENT!! Truly gorgeous photography! Thanks for finding me!

    and Jess: I fear you're right. Maybe too big for my frame. If they're still in the store on my next trip, I'm going to roll up and try oxfords. What a great idea! Would have never thought to pair them with these. Thx for the suggestion!

  4. I agree with Jess-- the other bloggers you mentioned seeing the pants on look rather tall and slender (JEALOUS), so the pants fit on them differently. From what I can tell, you seem slightly more petite, which may be why the pants look overwhelming on you. I can see them working on you if you got them more tailored so that they weren't SO baggy! I think rolled up with a heel is a must, too, especially since they are so high-waisted and you'd want to elongate the leg :)

  5. amy, I am not at ALL tall and slender. I'm 5'4" itty bitty. I also have short legs. Awesome. I think I'll always wear these rolled up with heels. Otherwise, it'll probably eat me.

  6. And I'm 5'7"! Maybe that's the problem... these make me look shorter and stumpier. Still glad they look so great on others though!

  7. I also tried these on and had the same results as you. All the more reason to admire Kendi et al. - for making the seemingly horribly unflattering pant look stylish!