Thursday, January 13, 2011

OOTD: Easy as Pie

Happy almost Friday readers!! I couldn't be happier that it's almost the weekend.  Had the most insane week at work, filled with lots and lots of overtime, and so looking forward to this week being over!  One more day of work and then headed out of town to see one of my best friends get married Saturday! So excited!

Finally got myself out of bed today in time to actually blow dry my hair.  Getting dressed and doing my hair helps me feel better all day.  Especially when the days are long!

My Easy as Pie Dress arrived yesterday (2 of the actually haha) and I had to put it right on this morning.

Anthro Easy as Pie Dress
Anthro Tights
RL Belt
Steve Madden pumps

I loved wearing this outfit today!!  



  1. That dress looks so polished with your belt, tights and shoes. Hurray for accessories! You look stunning and should wear that dress as much as you can.

  2. those tights are awesome! the dress is too of course, i just zoomed in on the tights I guess. Your puppy is all sorts of awesome too :)

  3. That belt is perfect with it! Love how yo styled it.

  4. Sorry, I type too fast "you styled it..."

  5. What a beautiful dress on you. Love your new blog.

  6. You look fab in that dress! I love the days when I go to work and love what I'm wearing (sounds silly, I know) but I think that when you look good you feel good, which is a big reason why I've been trying to be more motivated about dressing up for work.

  7. I just got the Easy-as-Pie dress when it hit sale and I absolutely love it!!! I like how you've styled it here. I've already worn mine twice and I'm sure I'll be wearing it much more in the near future!

  8. I have been searching for the Easy-as-Pie dress everywhere! You look adorable! (I'm a new reader) :)