Friday, January 7, 2011

The ones I missed

Do months and months go by, and you still find yourself longing for things you let get away? I don't think we would struggle with this so much, if not for the dear sweet Anthro blogs we love so much.

Every day, we have the possibility of seeing old favorites worn by our favorite bloggers. A constant reminder of what could have been. Looking so fabulous on all these other ladies. And not only that, but we also see all these new and creative stylings of old favorites. Amazing stylings we might not have thought of ourselves!

Well I don't know about you, but this is a constant reminder that I still desperately want a few things I let go this year!

A few things I let get away.

Waffle Weave Dress

Blooming Lattice Cardigan

Breezy Polkas Cardigan

Field Game Cardigan

Remaining Lilies Cardigan

(Especially after seeing Liz style this in a recent OOTD post...adorable!)

Ok... So I guess the cardigans have it. I never found myself investing an any cardigans other than plain colored cardigans (i.e. Jackie cardigan from j crew), because I was scared to make bold statements with a cardigan. Becoming an Anthro girl has me less scared of the bold, and always excited to make a statement.

And if someone just happened to be selling these gently used items on EA or eBay, don't you think I wouldn't be jumping to make an offer ;)

Any pieces you regret missing out on this year? Anything you tracked down?



  1. I definitely do! I regret missing out on the Breezy Polkas and the Blooming Lattice too SO BADLY! I also missed out on the Anna Sui Paisley Pixie Dress - it's definitely not everyone's style, but I would have loved to have it in my closet! :)

  2. I did several charge/send the day leafy gloves and pinafore pullover went on sale and they never showed up. Aparently the stores never mailed them, and now they're out of stock.

  3. I have so many items that I wish I had purchased - in fact, I have a running list that I keep in my Google docs and every now and then I do a quick search on eBay or post in Roxy's Trade Market post.

    Don't give up hope, though! Just today, I bought the Blooming Lattice cardigan off eBay for $45 and I saw a bunch more listed as auctions - you should take a look! I grabbed the Remaining Lilies cardigan off the Trade Market. Too funny we both had those items on our "the ones that got away..." list.

    Right now, I'm pining for the Chilled Ripples Shell, Snowy Egret Shift, Vappu Dress, Field Game Cardigan, and the Lost in Time Skirt. Sigh. One day they will be mine! :)

  4. I have been lucky to be able to find most all of the items that got away on the trade market on Effortless Anthropologie...that is such a great resource!! Hope you find all your items!
    MegmRoberts..I have a size 4 Vappy dress that I would love to just didn't fit me right. LEt me know if you're interested!

  5. wow, we have the same "it got away" list! Oh how I want the Blooming Lattice, Breezy Polkas and Field Game Cardi in red (though I am now stalking the knock-off at TJMaxx)!

  6. Love your new blog!! I had the breexy polka dots sweater and sent it back, thought I had too many cardis, big mistake.

  7. I have missed out on a couple of these too, but if I do ever come across them, I will snag them up! Thanks for linking me by the way. I didn't even want the Remaining Lilies Cardigan when it first came out and added to my wishlist and one day there was a popback in my size and I bought it just to see if I would like it. It's one of my favorite cardis! I also have the Breezy Polka Dots in both colors (both were popbacks since I passed the first time when they went on sale). I always go and add all the items I might want to purchase to a wishlist and then if it sells out, there can always be a popback that I can snag up. Most of these items you listed, I purchased on popbacks actually! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)

  8. I saw the Waffle Weave Dress on Jen of Vintageglammz and had to have it. I saw the Remaining Lilies Cardi on Kay of Anthro Flux and had to have it. It's funny, but what everyone else loves I don't. The opposite is also true which means I pick more up on sale. He-he!

  9. Oh yes! To echo what Elizabeth. I got both on Pop Back from my Wish List.

  10. These are fabulous picks, hopefully one day you can pick one or two up from the EA Trade Market or Ebay.

    The Pinochle Skirt is the one that haunts me daily. I can't get over it, despite the fact it went on sale in the UK in about September time!

  11. My goodness there are so many things that got away last year. I don't know where to begin. I wish I would have gotten the Snowy Egret Shift, the Vappu Dress, a Field Game Cardigan, the Traced Twirls Dress, the Discovered Lace Dress and the Phlox & Coral Coat (this one makes me sad).

    I was able to score the Dreamy Drape Dress and the Kirklees Sweater Coat within the last couple of weeks, so that made me pretty happy.

    I enjoy your blog so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more. If you have a moment please stop by my's fairly new too.

    Best, Natasha