Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews

Hello ladies and a very happy Thursday to you!  I was lucky enough to get to work from home again today! Though I still kept busy, I at least had enough time here and there to finally put together these fitting room reviews together from earlier in the week! 

Enjoy ladies!!
Post Match Top
Style no 19969781

Well, you saw the Post Match Top yesterday, so I won't say much.  But I'll talk just a little but about the fit and such.  It's really a great, well made top.  It's a thicker top, so though it looks like a spring/summer print, it's completely appropriate for this time of year.  The top is definitely roomy, but I wouldn't suggest sizing down, as the arms would probably be to tight.  TTS so don't venture off too much!!
(Louise i think you'll probably be fine with the xs!)

unknown skirt
 This skirt isn't up on the Anthro site yet, but guess what... I'm in love.  This skirt is the most beautiful shade of blue, most delicate fabric, and just fantastic.  I can just see it pairing with so many things in my closet.  I can pair it now with tights for the winter, and it will work so well when we move into Spring and summer. They didn't have it in my size in the store, this is in a two, or else it would have come home with me.  Love.
Folded Wings Tee
Style No 20104899

Hm. Not sure what I was expecting from this shirt, but it really didn't do it for me.  The wings really were wings, and I ended up walking around the fitting room with my cell phone in them.  I'm sure others could pull it off.  I certainly couldn't.

All Aboard Boatneck
Style no 20381406

The All Aboard Boatneck is along the same lines as the of the Post Match Top.  Only... they feel completely different.  The Boatneck is a stretchy, tighter fitting top.  They are both very flattering.  It was a toss up

First Hints Blouse
Style No.  19993260

The First Hints Blouse is so beautiful.  I knew the minute I picked it up that I was going to love it.  It has dreamy sleeves, a gorgeous print, and a great silky feeling.  It fits true to size and I feel like it would be really flattering on lots of different body types.  Out of my price range
Unknown Anthro Dress
 Oh my goodness.  This was such an unexpected find on this trip.  This dress was the perfect dress that is so unlike anything else Anthro has released recently.  It's so sweetly simple.  It's difficult to tell but it's a lovely little red and blue checked print with a gorgeous high back.  The material is the softest silk.  Dress it up with a pair of pumps, or make it casual with a pair of sandals.  I'm in love. 
Back Porch Blouse
Style no 20173886

My mother was obsessed with this combo.  This is how they had the dress displayed in the store.  I suppose I wasn't the biggest fan of the Back Porch Blouse.  It was definitely pretty, and could definitely be paired with lots of dresses.  But the material was very stiff, and not very comfortable.  Honestly, I can think of plenty of other things I'd rather spend the $98 on.  Anyway, there are so many other lovely Anthro cardigans that would pair SO perfectly with this dress. 

I think that's it for now ladies!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those two unknown items! Hope they are online soon! Thanks for sharing your pics :)

  2. Thanks for the IRL reviews. It helps me see what will work for me. I agree with your Mom, I really love that dress/sweater combo.

  3. The "first hints" blouse looks gorgeous. Their silk tops last forever too. :)

  4. Thanks so much for the "unknown" item reviews. As someone without an anthro nearby I totally rely on the blogosphere to let me know what's coming. Also that new dress looks lovely!

  5. I love that unknown dress! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that one. You look so adorable in it, and I love that it's silk. It looks purple until you zoom in, and it matches your nails!

  6. Oh those two unknown items are DARLING - they are right up my alley and I can't wait for them to appear on the website. Thanks for the great reviews!

  7. I had the Folded Wings top on my wish list but I think after seeing your review it will quickly be taken off. TOo bad! Love that cute purple dress on you! I'm not a huge fan of the Back Porch Blouse either...I think you could find a cuter cardigan to go over the dress. Great reviews!

  8. I just love the unknown dress on you! It's so cute. Thanks for the great reviews!

  9. Thanks Kim, I'll put an XS in my basket and in all honesty, probably wait for sale :)

    The unknown dress is delightful!

  10. totally obsessed too. That's really cute.