Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playing catch up

Mom & Dad and Fiance put me on a spending freeze for the month of December. After all, how could they purchase holiday pretties with the fear that I might be snatching up the same item!

So, the holidays are officially over, and my spending ban has been lifted.

As I'm sure you all know, Roxy over at EA, posts her Trade Market weekly. I have to admit, when I discovered this amazing little feature, I was in heaven! What a great outlet for women to be able to get on and exchange goodies! After all, one person's trash is another's treasure! Though I'm sure we can agree that nothing listed on EA is ever trash!

Laying in bed searching on Fiance's iPad yesterday, I found two pieces I've been dying for this year, but found myself unwilling to pay full price, and unable to find once sale time hit.

The Southward Stop Dress & The Stilled Night Dress
Both found new, with tags, in my size! Both from the same home, and on their way to me now... Thanks Jean!
Check out her sales here!

Southward Stop Shirtdress
Stilled Night Dress
Couldn't stop with that success there. This past holiday season, Anthro has been gifting us with Free Shipping and an additional 25% off sale items. From Roxy again, I learned that those deals would be ending at midnight last night. You better believe I decided that I must take advantage one final time! Found two pieces online my pretty little heart desired. Sold out in my size? No problem!

The Anthro customer service staff came through as usual. One quick call up and I had the sku and phone numbers for the locations where I could find my special pieces.

The Piece de Resistance Blouse & The Mary Shirtdress should arrive at my door early next week. With no cost of shipping, of course!!

Piece de Resistance Dress (Grey Motif)
Mary Shirtdress (Purple)

With today being Tuesday (Anthro sale day) perhaps I've caught up too much...


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