Monday, January 24, 2011

OOTD: puppy craze

Happy Monday everyone!  We had a very uneventful, yet a very FREEZING day here in DC. So freezing, in fact, fiance and I agreed to snooze for an extra hour or two and head into work a bit late.  shhh ;)

Anthro Ooh La Lace Skirt
Ann Taylor Zip Up Back Tee
Ann Taylor Necklace
Seychelles Pumps

and here's what happens when Fiance takes the camera off the tripod...

introducing our puppies!
Addie is the furball you've already met.  She's a cairn terrier (you know, Toto, from the wizard of oz?)
and the reindeer looking oddball (i'm just kidding he's our sweet little lovebaby) is Zues, an italian greyhound.


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  1. Love this simple yet chic look you've got going today! THat necklace is killer! I can't blame you for wanting a few extra zzz's...when it's that cold outside it's so hard to get up!!! =)