Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OOTD: gift from mommy!

Though my mom lives 3 hours away, it seems like she's relocated to right down the street! We've been lucky enough to have her here the last couple weeks.  Her work has brought her up to DC for training.  She's gotten to spend time with us at home, take us out to dinner, and come on Anthro trips! (lucky her!!!)

We dropped by Anthropologie Wednesday night to spend an hour or so perusing and trying on, and surprisingly I left with nothing but the soft bows belt.  Walking out spending only $14.99 plus tax? I thought my fiance was going to have a heart attack ;)

Anyway, turns out the next day my mom left class at lunch to run out and pick out two of my favorites to surprise me with.  One of the lovely SA's at the Georgetown store helped my dear mommy find just what she was looking for.  I can just hear my mom now... "She's a blogger!!"  She even pulled up Array of Anthro at the store to show.  I can't tell if I'm embarassed or so completely proud!

Here's one of the items that mom walked away with... the Post Match Top.  It's perfect.  I've invested so much in the dress up pieces, that I often find myself at a loss when I just want to be completely casual.  I worked from home today.... the sleet and ice started at 2pm and we've got several inches of snow on the ground now.  Looks like another day working at home tomorrow too!  Anyway, the Post Match Top was perfect for a day like today.  I was completely comfortable, happy, and in love with my new surprise Anthro piece!

Anthro Post Match Top
Nordstrom Rising Starlet Skinnies
Target Slippers!


Ps, notice the Target slippers.  They're a favorite since college, and I've had several pairs.  I wear them around the house, to walk the dog in, to run to the grocery store. I'm not ashamed. Not one bit.

You ladies have been showing me some major love.  And I can't wait to show it in return. 

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and pps, fitting room reviews to come tomorrow!



  1. Love that top on's true, I totally forget to focus on the comfy stuff when I'm cruising Anthro. They really do have some great options though.

  2. Gosh that top IS great, I never pay much attention to Anthro's more casual pieces but I think this is on the EU site. I'll have to check it out! Thanks Kim!

  3. Me again - it is on the EU site. You are tiny so I assume you wore an XS in this? I've never purchased a Pilcro item before so not sure what size to keep in my basket... I'm a UK8 (US4?), 32 chest and as it looks a boxy fit I wondered whether you think the XS would be substantial enough? :-D