Friday, January 7, 2011

OOTD: Sweeping Stitch

Comfort seemed to be the only way to go this morning, after getting up over an hour early to get to what was for sure going to be the busiest Friday I've had in a few years.

Paired a Nordstom pullover top with some skinnies for my first day wearing my Sweeping Stitch pumps.  Very casual, and oh so comfortable.  The turquise pumps were just what I need to push me out of bum mode, and into "I feel fashionable Casual Friday". 
Anthro Sweeping Stitch pumps (Seychelles)

Please bare with us as Fiance and I try to adjust to light issues in our home.  I'm sure it will only take a few days before we get these crazy shadows knocked out of the shot!

Puppy decided to join me for a few shots in the end.  She's such an attention hog!!

Thank you again for all the comments and new followers! Keep it up loves!!

Wishing you all a very happy weekend filled with pretty clothes and fancy dreams.



  1. Cute! You should send that last one to lisa at respect the shoes for her animals feature. I love seeing fellow bloggers with their gorgeous pets. Fab way to wear the shoes, they really stand out!

  2. Yay, I love the shoes! They are every bit as cute as I thought they would be, and I'm happy to hear that they're really comfy, too! Maybe I'll get the gray pair from hmmmm...

    And yes, send the last picture of you and Puppy to Lisa!

  3. Oh, those shoes make me smile!!! They look so great on you!!! I ordered them as soon as they hit sale at midnight and cannot wait for them to arrive. They dress up your outfit perfectly! Also love the Snowy Egrt dress on you a few posts down...I've never really loved it but seeing it on you makes me see it in a different light...I think I like the way you styled it a lot with the dark tights and cardi. GReat look!

  4. I wanted those shoes, but talked myself out of ordering them. Of course I now regret it.

  5. Love, love, love your outfit! I wish I would have gotten those shoes now! I didn't think they looked that cute online, but seeing them on is a whole different story! You look so comfortable and chic. Hope you have a great weekend! :) You're pup is super cute!

  6. Those heels make your outfit look like a million bucks! And I love you wee pup - I just adopted a new puppy and she loves to run in while I'm taking pics too!

  7. Agreed - the shoes are way cute on you, love the pop of color and adorable bows!

    And now that question I'm always asking tall are you?

  8. Thanks so much for the comments ladies! The shoes were such an impulse buy, having no idea how they'd fit ot how much I'd love them, but I am so thrilled with them!

    Jenni I can't wait to see pictures once yours arrive!

    Jan thanks so much for following! I'm 5'7" but hardly ever shorter than 5'10" these days! I used to be such a flats girl, but I love wearing my heels whenever I get the chance!!

  9. They had multiple sizes left in new Orleans today

  10. That teal color looks great on you. These photos are making me regret opting for regular blue (on instead.