Monday, January 10, 2011

Fitting Room reviews

For some reason, this sweater catches my eye every time I visit the store.  I've assumed I would hate it because of the "wings" (as my fiance calls them), but thought it was about time to give it a try

Sweet Cables Pullover
Style No. 20066734 

I'm not really sure where to start with this one.  I went in with mixed expectations.  I always loved it when catching glimpses in store, but assumed the fit really wouldn't work on me.  For starters, the actual feel of the sweater was fantastic.  Soft, super comfy, and gorgeous color.  The website calls it ivory, but in person I'd describe it as more of a beige.  The cowl neck on this sweater is gorgeous.  One that seems to lay right how you'd want it to.  The "wings" though had be unsure.  Honestly, not at all as bad as I had imagined.  Tried on in a small, so I can only hope an xs would make this more flattering.

Definitely not something I'd spend the full $88 on, but come sale time, I can definitely see myself picking this up as an easy sweater option.

Poche Shirt
Style No. 19479468
First saw this top in a blue and white checked pattern. Adorable! Would have reached for that one, but they were out of xs.  Saw this red plaid version and decided to have a try.  So glad I did!  I absolutely loved it.  I've been desperately looking for a plaid shirt through the fall, but couldn't find one that didn't seem so masculine.  This top is perfect.  The wrists have an adorable little ruffle feature, giving it just the feminine touch.  I can see this top paired with some great jewelry and my teel pumps to dress up a casual day outfit.
This came home with me at full price!

Slung Silk Blouse
Style No. 19988930
Decade by Decade Skirt
Style No. 20111423

Love love love this combo.  The Slung Silk Blouse was a silky feeling material. So feminine and beautiful.  Especially loved the burnt orange color.  Reminiscent of Fall, but completely appropriate for the Winter/Early Spring months when paired right!   It looked great untucked, but looked even better tucked in.  
The Decade by Decade Skirt was gorgeous.  I wasn't crazy about it when first seeing it online, but in person, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  The lines of the skirt and the way it fell right below the knee made it perfect, and definitely office appropriate.  I could only find a 2 to try on, but know the 0 would fit perfectly.  Definitely fits TTS.  
Waiting for both these items for a bit.  We'll see how long I can hold out!

Geometry in Motion Skirt
Style No. 20087052

I wanted to love this skirt, and almost thought I did when sliding it on.  It's a fun whimsical little skirt, perfect for nights out or upcoming spring nights.  Problem...runs large.  Tried on an xs and still had PLENTY of room.  Also, I'm 5'7", and this skirt was pretty short on me.  Watch out taller ladies, you've got a mini on your hands.  Pass for me, but I can see others liking this one a lot...especially for the price.

Painted Morning Skirt
Style No. 20296588

The Painted Morning Skirt was a sweet little skirt.  It comes with an attached belt (it was ok, but I'd probably opt for something else), but the soft yellow color is gorgeous.  So many color options to pair with this skirt to make an amazing outfit.  I overloaded on skirts this fall, so I'll be waiting til sale time.  Fits TTS, lots will love this one!

Garden Party Dress
Style No. 20181806

I originally tried this pretty number on hoping it would be a good spring wedding or bridal shower option.  Dress is really beautiful!!  Watch out though ladies because it is SHORT!  For a girl like me that lacks curves whatsoever, I'm sad to report that this dress didn't really do much for me.  Which was so upsetting, because I think this is one of the prettiest prints I've seen at Anthro.  Back to the rack for me.  But for the curvier ladies, this dress is going to look AMAZING!!  TTS.

Martagon Sketch Halter Dress
Style No. 19925361

After seeing the online picture for the Martagon, I wasn't interested.  At all.  I mean, look at it.  Although the print was pretty, it looks wide, undefined and not too great.  After seeing it on Liz, and seeing how great it looked on her, I had to give it a shot.  I picked up a 2, all I could find, and loved it. Absolutely loved it.  It has a very clearly defined waste, showing off exactly what it should show off.  The colors are so rich and vibrant.  The best part though is the full skirt.  Oh my goodness it is so fun to wear.  The kind of dress that makes you feel fun, flirty and fabulous.  When I walked back to the rack, and saw that a 0 had mysteriously appeared, I had no choice.  It practically carried itself to the register ;)  Fits TTS. Promise.

Gull Wing Dress
Style No. 19847391

After seeing this reviewed a couple times by fellow bloggers, I had gathered some rather high hopes for this dress.  Let me tell you what... it did not disappoint.  I couldn't believe the quality of the dress.  Online, the fabric looks like a stiff cotton, but in person it's like a silky suede.  Amazing!  I tried on a 0 and fell in love.  Yes, the V-neck dips a bit low, but for a small chested gal like me, that's no problem.  The skirt flounced around as i moved about the dressing room.  Tried the bow in the front and the back (definitely preferable on the back), and couldn't for the life of me find anything negative to say about it.  I'm trying to figure out who I can con into buying this for me to wear on the honeymoon.... Fiance? Parents? Time will only tell!
Fits TTS. Give it a chance, please!

And that, my lovely ladies, wraps up my first Fitting Room reviews.  I definitely wish I could have gotten them up sooner.  Work this week will probably be the craziest of the whole year.  Promise to check in whenever I can.  Please visit and leave comments! Nothing I love more than coming home to see them!



  1. Hi Kim! I just found your blog- great reviews! I had very much the same experience with the Sweet Cables Pullover (which looks adorable on you, BTW). I was sure I wouldn't like it until the sales associate insisted that I try it on. It was so much cuter than I imagined and it is definitely on my sale list!

  2. Hey Kim! ;) Thanks for the awesome reviews! Everything looks fabulous on you! :) I didn't even think twice about the Decade by Decade Skirt or the Geometry in Motion Skirt, but after seeing them on you, they are now added to my wishlist! ;) I reviewed most all the items on my blog too! Is it okay if I link you and you can link me? ;)

  3. Jessica: I was definitely surprised! Once I get it home, it will be different than anything I have in my closet! I'd love to see it on you too!

    And Liz, of course I'd love that!! Please link to me!!!! Especially considering I've already been linking to you without even asking!! Haha :)

  4. The halter dress and the Gull Wing look great on you - I hope you can pick them up come sale time!

  5. I agree about the looks crazy good on you! Actually, I thought it all did...=)
    Kristina J.

  6. Loved your first reviews. My favorite was the Gull Wing dress. Must... get... to... Anthro...

  7. Kristina, Louise, and Steph... thank you, thank you, and thank you! Nothing I love more than time spent in the fitting room finding new loves (and sometimes things you cant stand too!)
    Always fun!

  8. Yay, thanks for the reviews! I like the way the first sweater looks on you, but I don't know about the sleeves... I feel like they should either be longer "wings" so that you can really see that shape or not be wings at all, you know what I mean? The Gull dress looks beautiful on you! I didn't like it on myself, but I just KNEW that some other lovely bloggers would be able to wear it gorgeously and you prove me right!

  9. Great reviews. Thanks for all of the details. Love that you bought the pretty Martagon. Perfect for Spring and Summer.

  10. Love all these reviews! Both the first sweater and the rust colored blouse look like they'd be so crazy flowy but on, they look really perfect! FUnny how putting something on can change your mind about an item. You've got some great items there!!!