Saturday, January 22, 2011

OOTD: Marriage Counseling

That's right... I said it.  I, my blogging friends, just completed week 3 of marriage counseling.

Anthro Rugged Carrats Dress
Steve Madden Pumps

Hahah.  Concerned?!  Don't be!!!!

  Premarital Counseling, rather.  My fiance and I have six sessions with our Minister prior to our marriage ceremony.  He requires it, and at first we thought is seemed really intimidating.  Especially given the fact we have to travel two hours to get to each session!  

Yet, Fiance and I have really put our all into each session and found that we are taking so many useful lessons with us that we've been using in the past weeks, and that we'll continue to use in our marriage.  Valuable tools and lessons that we may never have thought to use had we not engaged in these premarital ministry sessions.  Who would have thought! What an unexpected surprise!!

Plus, we got to have lunch with the bride from last week's wedding... really couldn't have been a better Saturday!!

For our day in Richmond I wore my lovely Rugged Carrats Dress brought to me by Santa.  My fat kitty Gracie chose to join me for my photo shoot this evening.  Poor thing used to be the thinest, sweetest thing.  Now that she's turned 3 and has to share me with a man and two dogs, she's gained ten pounds and hates the world.

Still loves her mama though.

Happy Saturday lovelies.


  1. That dress is really super cute on you! I remember loving premarital counseling - especially when we got to take a fun quiz about your communication style or whatnot.

  2. I'd be really interested to hear what relationship lessons you've found most valuable!

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