Friday, January 21, 2011

OOTD: Looking Southward

Quick OOTD post from yesterday.

 Picked this up from EA at the same time as the Stilled Night Dress, and from the same seller! Both new with tags!  I made out!  I missed out on the Southward Stop Dress dress the first go around, and after seeing it on so many, I had really come to love it.  Saw this post not long after I saw Rachel wear the Southward Stop briefly in the Christmas Glee episode, and decided to bring it home!

Anthro Southward Stop Dress
Limited Brown Cardi
RL Belt
RL Maroon Tights
Steve Madden Pumps

Simply paired the dress with a brown cardigan, belt, and pumps, and maroon tights for a pop.  Loved the look.  Perfect for a freezing winter day in the office!

I'm supposed to get every other Friday off work, and today's the one... woohoo!  I had dreams of sleeping in, til the dog woke me up barking.  Guess she had to go out.  Figured it was a perfect time to share an outfit post with you ladies!  May be planning a date night with the fiance tonight...will share outfit plans, of course!    

Any ideas for any great date night ideas?  We always go out to dinner.  Usually a movie. Sometimes bowling.  What do you ladies do with your special someones?



  1. Love the pop of color you added with the tights...super cute look all around! I am in love with that belt...i it newer or old?? Have a fun day off! Hubby and I are going on our date night tomorrow night...we like to get dinner and dessert, go shopping, go to Barnes and Noble and read (we have three little kids so sitting in peace and quiet is a treat), or go out with other couples and just chat over good food. We're boring I guess, but it's just nice to have a kid-free night, even though I love my munchkins. =)

  2. Great outfit, love the maroon tights with that dress! We are pretty boring too hehe, dinner, come home and watch a movie, sometimes go out to a movie, or grocery shopping somewhere different then we normally go to. Yup...that's about it.

  3. What I love about that dress is exactly what you did. Give it a pop with some fun colored tights!

    M and I usually do dinner out of Friday nights and that's about it :) Boring! But sometimes we like to do a 'date' during the day, like on a Saturday or Sunday. We'll do a little drive around a scenic rural route, go to lunch, maybe do a little shopping or just something. I love taking drives and then stopping at some out of the way place for a late lunch.