Friday, January 28, 2011


Finally that time ladies!  I'm so excited to finally sit down and figure out the winner of Array of ANTHRO's very first GIVEAWAY!  

So I sat down with all the comments on the blog post, several sheets of paper, and made a list (in order) of all the ladies that commented... commented that they were a follower, and their extra entry if they had blogged about it!

Looked something like this.... 

93 entries in all ladies!  That's amazing!  I'm so excited and thrilled!  Thank you all so much!

So next I mosied on over to to get ourselves a winner....

1 to 93 pulled out something looking like this:

And believe it or not, but entry number 29 is none other than the gorgeous Ms. Elizabeth from Behind the Dressing Room Door. She had posted on my Giveaway Closed blog entry post this afternoon saying her fingers were crossed.  WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!?!  I actually went back to double check that I counted right?  And yep, I sure did!  # 29 was her link to me on her blog!

So congrats Elizabeth!  So glad you won the $25 gift card to all of our favorite store, Anthropologie!

I know we're all looking forward to seeing what you spend it on!

Send me your address girl so I can get you your prize!!

Giveaway closed!!

Hello all you lovely ladies!

The Array of ANTHRO Giveaway deadline has come and gone!  Check back this evening to see who won!

The winner will be announced right here!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews

Hello ladies and a very happy Thursday to you!  I was lucky enough to get to work from home again today! Though I still kept busy, I at least had enough time here and there to finally put together these fitting room reviews together from earlier in the week! 

Enjoy ladies!!
Post Match Top
Style no 19969781

Well, you saw the Post Match Top yesterday, so I won't say much.  But I'll talk just a little but about the fit and such.  It's really a great, well made top.  It's a thicker top, so though it looks like a spring/summer print, it's completely appropriate for this time of year.  The top is definitely roomy, but I wouldn't suggest sizing down, as the arms would probably be to tight.  TTS so don't venture off too much!!
(Louise i think you'll probably be fine with the xs!)

unknown skirt
 This skirt isn't up on the Anthro site yet, but guess what... I'm in love.  This skirt is the most beautiful shade of blue, most delicate fabric, and just fantastic.  I can just see it pairing with so many things in my closet.  I can pair it now with tights for the winter, and it will work so well when we move into Spring and summer. They didn't have it in my size in the store, this is in a two, or else it would have come home with me.  Love.
Folded Wings Tee
Style No 20104899

Hm. Not sure what I was expecting from this shirt, but it really didn't do it for me.  The wings really were wings, and I ended up walking around the fitting room with my cell phone in them.  I'm sure others could pull it off.  I certainly couldn't.

All Aboard Boatneck
Style no 20381406

The All Aboard Boatneck is along the same lines as the of the Post Match Top.  Only... they feel completely different.  The Boatneck is a stretchy, tighter fitting top.  They are both very flattering.  It was a toss up

First Hints Blouse
Style No.  19993260

The First Hints Blouse is so beautiful.  I knew the minute I picked it up that I was going to love it.  It has dreamy sleeves, a gorgeous print, and a great silky feeling.  It fits true to size and I feel like it would be really flattering on lots of different body types.  Out of my price range
Unknown Anthro Dress
 Oh my goodness.  This was such an unexpected find on this trip.  This dress was the perfect dress that is so unlike anything else Anthro has released recently.  It's so sweetly simple.  It's difficult to tell but it's a lovely little red and blue checked print with a gorgeous high back.  The material is the softest silk.  Dress it up with a pair of pumps, or make it casual with a pair of sandals.  I'm in love. 
Back Porch Blouse
Style no 20173886

My mother was obsessed with this combo.  This is how they had the dress displayed in the store.  I suppose I wasn't the biggest fan of the Back Porch Blouse.  It was definitely pretty, and could definitely be paired with lots of dresses.  But the material was very stiff, and not very comfortable.  Honestly, I can think of plenty of other things I'd rather spend the $98 on.  Anyway, there are so many other lovely Anthro cardigans that would pair SO perfectly with this dress. 

I think that's it for now ladies!

Don't forget, last night to enter Array of ANTHRO's Giveaway!

Lucky winner will be posted here tomorrow afternoon.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OOTD: gift from mommy!

Though my mom lives 3 hours away, it seems like she's relocated to right down the street! We've been lucky enough to have her here the last couple weeks.  Her work has brought her up to DC for training.  She's gotten to spend time with us at home, take us out to dinner, and come on Anthro trips! (lucky her!!!)

We dropped by Anthropologie Wednesday night to spend an hour or so perusing and trying on, and surprisingly I left with nothing but the soft bows belt.  Walking out spending only $14.99 plus tax? I thought my fiance was going to have a heart attack ;)

Anyway, turns out the next day my mom left class at lunch to run out and pick out two of my favorites to surprise me with.  One of the lovely SA's at the Georgetown store helped my dear mommy find just what she was looking for.  I can just hear my mom now... "She's a blogger!!"  She even pulled up Array of Anthro at the store to show.  I can't tell if I'm embarassed or so completely proud!

Here's one of the items that mom walked away with... the Post Match Top.  It's perfect.  I've invested so much in the dress up pieces, that I often find myself at a loss when I just want to be completely casual.  I worked from home today.... the sleet and ice started at 2pm and we've got several inches of snow on the ground now.  Looks like another day working at home tomorrow too!  Anyway, the Post Match Top was perfect for a day like today.  I was completely comfortable, happy, and in love with my new surprise Anthro piece!

Anthro Post Match Top
Nordstrom Rising Starlet Skinnies
Target Slippers!


Ps, notice the Target slippers.  They're a favorite since college, and I've had several pairs.  I wear them around the house, to walk the dog in, to run to the grocery store. I'm not ashamed. Not one bit.

You ladies have been showing me some major love.  And I can't wait to show it in return. 

Cut off is Friday at noon.   Don't forget to be a follower here by then!!

and pps, fitting room reviews to come tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OOTD: Bow Tied Beauty

Happy Tuesday everyone! For the first time in ages I woke up twenty minutes before my alarm.  So, I actually got myself out of bed, made some coffee, and took my time getting ready!  I'm usually best friends with my snooze button, and in a desperate rush to get ready.

Anthro Hermitage Top
J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Banana Republic Pencil Skirt
Steve Madden Lace Up Pumps
Anthro Bow Tied Beauty Belt

It was a constantly busy day today, which at least meant the work day flew by pretty quickly.  I loved wearing this bright outfit today.  Walking around the outfit in something bright keeps me in a better mood, even when the stress level gets running pretty high!

I'm absolutely loving how the giveaway is going!  Thank you ladies so much for all your wonderful suggestions for swimwear!  You still have a couple days to enter!  A few of you have added the link to your blogs, and I'm so appreciative!! Extra entry for all of you!

If you haven't already entered, click below... and make sure you're a follower here in blogger!


Monday, January 24, 2011

my current view

Thought I'd share my current view of our living room.

What's that in my purse you ask? Well, let's zoom it on in, shall we?

I do believe that's a $25 Anthropologie Gift Card waiting to be mailed to the winner of Array of ANTHRO's very first giveaway!!!

Don't forget to enter!

OOTD: puppy craze

Happy Monday everyone!  We had a very uneventful, yet a very FREEZING day here in DC. So freezing, in fact, fiance and I agreed to snooze for an extra hour or two and head into work a bit late.  shhh ;)

Anthro Ooh La Lace Skirt
Ann Taylor Zip Up Back Tee
Ann Taylor Necklace
Seychelles Pumps

and here's what happens when Fiance takes the camera off the tripod...

introducing our puppies!
Addie is the furball you've already met.  She's a cairn terrier (you know, Toto, from the wizard of oz?)
and the reindeer looking oddball (i'm just kidding he's our sweet little lovebaby) is Zues, an italian greyhound.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


What's that you say?! You heard something about a giveaway?!

Well my dear readers, you heard correctly.  I have decided to host my very fitst giveaway here at Array of ANTHRO and could not be more excited about it. 

What's the giveaway for you're wondering?! 

A $25 giftcard to all of our favorite store... Anthropologie!

To spend on whatever your heart desires.  Put it towards a new pair of shoes, or that top you've been eyeing.  That dress that you've wanted for so long that is just a tad bit out of reach.  Are you looking for accesories to go with that outfit...? 

ENTER this GIVEAWAY for a chance to win 25 ANTHRO bucks!!

Easy as pie pretty ladies. 

Here's how you do it. 

If you saw on my last post, I'm in the market for some beachwear attire for my upcoming honeymoon. 

To enter:
1. You MUST be a follower of ArrayofANTHRO blog (you must click follow over on the right sidebar if you're not already a follower!).
2. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite new item in Anthro's new swimwear section. Or, if you don't like anything this season, leave me the link of something you do love! Point me in the right direction!
3. For and additional chance to enter, post the link to this contest on your blog, and leave a comment here letting me know you did!! 

Easy, right?

I'll randomly generate a winner Friday (January 28th), and let you know here.

Spread the word ladies. 


Honeymoon Roundup

Though our honeymoon isn't fully finalized yet, oh dear won't you please take care of that, I have been dreaming of purchasing a few new things to pack in my suitcase to take wherever we may go. 

Anthro Swept Sash Maillot
Color: Moss
For the first time in my life, I have found myself longing for a one piece swimsuit (does this make me a grownup)?  Anthro's Swept Sash Maillot is so beautifully crafted I'm not even sure what to do with myself.  I'm not often drawn to bright colored suits with crazy prints, so this baby's right up my alley.  The sash adds the right touch off romance and elegance perfect for a honeymoon, no?  I suppose the price tag could be worse.  $158 is a bit steep, but I have paid that much for bikinis in the past.  And this is my one and only honeymoon!

Anthro Worldly Wise Bikini
Blue Motif

I've loved this bikini since it first appeared on the website months ago.  The print is really beautiful and not so obvious.  Perfect for our planned carribbean vacation.  The top can be worn with a strap or without.  Not sure how it will fit on my petite little frame, but I'm thinking of ordering it and giving it a shot! 

Free People Fes Romper

Hello gorgeous! Spotted this beauty on Free People's website this morning. I've never owned a romper, but that doesn't mean I've never wanted to.  And I can totally see myself styling it similarly to the way this tanned lady did in the first picture.  Straw hat, long boho necklace, stacks of bracelets, plus a husband and a wedding band on my hand. Hello honeymoon!

On to the hats...

some possibilities:

So ladies, what are your thoughts?  I need your feedback please!


oh, and ps... I have something excited i'm posting in an hour or two!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

OOTD: Marriage Counseling

That's right... I said it.  I, my blogging friends, just completed week 3 of marriage counseling.

Anthro Rugged Carrats Dress
Steve Madden Pumps

Hahah.  Concerned?!  Don't be!!!!

  Premarital Counseling, rather.  My fiance and I have six sessions with our Minister prior to our marriage ceremony.  He requires it, and at first we thought is seemed really intimidating.  Especially given the fact we have to travel two hours to get to each session!  

Yet, Fiance and I have really put our all into each session and found that we are taking so many useful lessons with us that we've been using in the past weeks, and that we'll continue to use in our marriage.  Valuable tools and lessons that we may never have thought to use had we not engaged in these premarital ministry sessions.  Who would have thought! What an unexpected surprise!!

Plus, we got to have lunch with the bride from last week's wedding... really couldn't have been a better Saturday!!

For our day in Richmond I wore my lovely Rugged Carrats Dress brought to me by Santa.  My fat kitty Gracie chose to join me for my photo shoot this evening.  Poor thing used to be the thinest, sweetest thing.  Now that she's turned 3 and has to share me with a man and two dogs, she's gained ten pounds and hates the world.

Still loves her mama though.

Happy Saturday lovelies.

Friday, January 21, 2011

OOTD: Looking Southward

Quick OOTD post from yesterday.

 Picked this up from EA at the same time as the Stilled Night Dress, and from the same seller! Both new with tags!  I made out!  I missed out on the Southward Stop Dress dress the first go around, and after seeing it on so many, I had really come to love it.  Saw this post not long after I saw Rachel wear the Southward Stop briefly in the Christmas Glee episode, and decided to bring it home!

Anthro Southward Stop Dress
Limited Brown Cardi
RL Belt
RL Maroon Tights
Steve Madden Pumps

Simply paired the dress with a brown cardigan, belt, and pumps, and maroon tights for a pop.  Loved the look.  Perfect for a freezing winter day in the office!

I'm supposed to get every other Friday off work, and today's the one... woohoo!  I had dreams of sleeping in, til the dog woke me up barking.  Guess she had to go out.  Figured it was a perfect time to share an outfit post with you ladies!  May be planning a date night with the fiance tonight...will share outfit plans, of course!    

Any ideas for any great date night ideas?  We always go out to dinner.  Usually a movie. Sometimes bowling.  What do you ladies do with your special someones?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OOTD: Shifting Buttons

Happy Wednesday readers! Hope your week is going well!  Wanted to share a quick OOTD post with you.  Woke up with quite the headache this morning (please excuse the crazy hair as a result).  Had to go in to work, though, so thought I'd wear my new Shifting Buttons skirt Fiance ordered me from eBay a few weeks ago. 

Anthro Shifting Buttons skirt
Ann Taylor Zipper Tee
Steve Madden Pumps

Was feeling a bit uninspired, and styled it quite simply, but I think the skirt is statement enough.  The length of this skirt is absolutely gorgeous and timeless no matter what it's paired with.  Loved wearing it!

Sat out the sale this past week, and actually returned a few items bought from the last few weeks after I'd had some time to think about it, and was so glad I did.  Do you ladies ever do that?  Splurge, and then after several days of thought, decide the money could go to much better use?